Bubblegum Pink Matte Silicone Ear Skins


Sold in pairs (2 pieces)
Sizes: 6G (4mm) - 2" (51mm) 
Flexible & thin
Double flares : 1-2mm each
Matte bubblegum pink
Wearable surface: 8mm
Full length: 10mm
For healed piercings
DO NOT USE for ear stretching

These Matte Bubblegum Pink Silicone Ear Skins are ideal for healed piercings. Sold in pairs, each piece measures 8mm in wearable surface and 10mm in full length with double flares of 1-2mm each. They are lightweight and thin, soft and squishy, and provide a comfortable fit. Available in sizes 6G (4mm) through 2" (51mm). DO NOT USE for ear stretching.

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