Paperclip Dagger White Opalite Stainless Steel Plug Hoops


Sold as a pair (2 pieces)
Size 20G
316L stainless steel
316L stainless steel post
Synthetic white opal gems
Designed to fit comfortably in any eyelet / tunnel style of plugs worn in the earlobe
Can also be worn as a normal ear piercing
Dimension: 101.5mm (L) x 59.5mm (W)

Plug hoops with a hoop design made out of paperclip shapes. This hoop design is accented with a chain across the center and attached are three dangling daggers with teardrop white opalite gems. They are 20G and made from 316L stainless steel with a 316L stainless steel post. These styles are made to fit in any eyelet/tunnel style of plugs but can also be worn in normal ear piercings. Dimension: 101.5mm (L) x 59.5mm (W). Sold in pairs (2 pcs).

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