Pink Silicone Tunnels


Sold in pairs (2pcs)
Double flares : 1-2mm each
Hot pink silicone
Available sizes: 6G (4mm) - 2" (50mm)
Wearable area: 6G (4mm) - 1" (25mm): 8mm
Wearable area: 1 & 1/8" (28mm) - 2" (50mm): 11-12mm
Full length: 6G (4mm) - 1" (25mm): 12mm
Full length: 1 & 1/8" (28mm) - 2" (50mm): 16mm
NOTE: Sizes 6G (4mm) - 1" (25mm) will have a MATTE finish and sizes 1 & 1/8" (28mm) - 2" (50mm) will have a GLOSSY finish
Choose between GLOSSY and MATTE for sizes 1 & 1/8" (28mm) and 1&1/4" (32mm)
Sizes/wearable area/full length may vary by +/- 1mm
Soft & Squishy
DO NOT USE for ear stretching
For healed lobes

Add a pop of color to your look with our Pink Silicone Tunnels. Sold in pairs, these double flares have a wearable area of 8mm (6G-1") and 11-12mm (1&1/8" - 2"), with a full length of 12mm (6G-1") and 16mm (1&1/8" - 2"). The smaller sizes will have a matte finish and the bigger sizes have a glossy finish. Sizes 1 & 1/8" (28mm) and 1&1/4" (32mm) are available in both glossy and matte finishes. Made with soft and squishy pink silicone, these stunning tunnels are perfect for healed lobes only.

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