Safety Pin Horn Hangers


Sold in pairs (2 pieces)
Water buffalo horn
8G (3mm) - 1/2" (12mm)
8G - 6G: Width 21mm X Height 40mm
4G: Width 22mm X Height 43mm
2G: Width 22mm X Height 44mm
0G: Width 26mm X Height 50mm
00G: Width 28mm X Height 51mm
1/2": Width 30mm X Height 53mm

These handcrafted buffalo horn hangers are perfect for those seeking a unique pair of wooden hangers. The Safety Pin Horn Hangers range from 8G (3mm) to 00G (10mm), with widths ranging from 21mm to 30mm and heights from 40mm to 53mm. Made of water buffalo horn, these hangers are sure to leave a lasting impression. Sold in pairs (2pc).

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