Silver Aileron Titanium Hangers - Earrings


Sold in pairs (2 pieces) Size: 18G Dimensions listed below Made from white brass Golden brass also in stock ASTM f-136 titanium clasp May oxidize under extreme moisture conditions

You'll love these stylish and fun white brass earrings for your collection! They have an ASTM F-136 titanium clasp, so you can be confident that they're durable. There are different sizes available - small (48mm x 40mm), medium (55mm x 52mm), and large (70x 62 mm) - so you'll find the perfect size no matter what shape or style you're looking for. Size is 18G. Brass is not recommended for prolonged wearing as there may be oxidation if moisture makes its way onto it, but it still looks great as long as you take care of them properly. Sold as pairs (2pcs).

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