Skull White Brass Earrings - Weights


Sold in pairs (2pc)
20 grams each
ASTM F-136 titanium wire
18G (1mm) or bigger to wear
Height: 70mm
Width: 47mm
Brass is not meant for long term wear
May oxidize under extreme moisture conditions

These premium Skull White Brass Earrings - Weights feature two pieces made of both high-quality ASTM F-136 titanium and white brass. Each earring weighs 20 grams, making them ideal for those seeking a comfortable, balanced experience. They feature an 18G (1mm) sizing to ensure easy wearing, and are 70mm high by 47mm wide. Their brass and titanium construction is perfect for short-term wear, and resist oxidation under most moisture conditions. Sold in pairs (2pcs).

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