Tiger Agate Dendritic Stone Plugs 1 & 1/2" (38.4mm) Version 2


Sold in pairs (2 pieces)
Size: 1 & ½ inch (38.4mm)
Tiger Agate Dendritic
NOTICE: This is the exact pair you will receive
Double flare
Handle with care
Wearable area: 15mm

Handcrafted stone plugs! These plugs are made from natural tiger agate dendritic stone and have swirling designs along with sparkling caverns throughout. This pair is the exact pair that you will get when you buy. This is version 2 of 4 in this 38mm size. Size is 1 & 1/2" (38.4mm). Wearable area is 15mm. Handle with care. Sold in pairs (2 pieces). For healed lobes.

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