White Jade Teardrop Stone Plugs


Sold in pairs (2pcs)
Double flares
Teardrop shaped
Sizes: 2G (6mm) - 1 inch (25mm)
Double flares
Not for freshly stretched ears.
Jade stone
Polished & smooth
NOTICE: Each and every plug is slightly different due to the nature of the stone.
We do our best to give you a matching pair

Enhance your look with these White Jade Teardrop Stone Plugs. Made of white jade stone for a polished and smooth finish, each plug is teardrop-shaped with double flares for secure wear. Sold in pairs, sizes range from 2G (6mm) to 1 inch (25mm). Not suitable for freshly stretched ears, and each plug may slightly differ due to the natural nature of the stone.

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