5 Popular Piercings for Men

Popular Piercings For Men

Piercings can bring out a whole new style in your life. Determining that you want a piercing is the first step and then deciding where you are going to put this piercing is the next step. The final step is selecting the type of jewelry that works best for this location. Piercings are a great way to express your individuality and show the world what your inner style has always known.

Ear Stretching

Pierced ears are the just the beginning of this process. Consider increasing the size of your pierced ears by making them plugs. Plugs can be increased to create a larger hole in the ear. The jewelry for these types of piercings can really show Guys With Gaugesyour unique style because they are made from wood, glass, silicone, acrylic, and steel. Stretched ears are extremely popular and can even be acceptable in the workplace if the holes are filled with a plug.


The nipples are a very nice place for a man to get a piercing. The piercing in this location is very sexy and attractive, of course if you have the body to pull it off. Barbells are the best option for this particular location. The sensitivity in this area can be greatly increased as well, so consider this a style decision and a bonus for you. Consider this piercing and enjoy the compliments and attention that will come your way.


Lip piercings are pretty hot on a man. A nice stud labret or a ring in the corner of the lip can really be stimulating and exciting. The look really adds to the masculinity of the man and gives a harder and more exciting edge. The sensation in the lips can also be sensual and exciting during intimate moments.


Tongue piercings can be very exciting to all the women who are excited to meet that man with the pierced tongue. This adds a hint of sensual pleasure to a woman and a sense of mystery to the man wearing it. This style looks awesome with a classic streight barbell.


The curved barbell piercing or a ring in the eyebrow is a great look for a masculine guy. This style is exciting and very hot. The eyebrow can be very rugged and handsome on the right guy. Consider this type of piercing for a new and exciting look that will draw in the ladies.

Piercings are personal and the style is completely up to you. Determining what is hot now is very important for your style. Regardless of the type of piercing you select, make sure it something that is completely you. Getting a rugged edge or a little bit of masculinity can be a great way for you to break out of your shell and show your inner style. Pick the piercing that speaks to you and get some bling that matches your personality and shows off what you are made of.