All About Cheek Piercings

Cheek Piercings

Have you always wanted dimples? Now is your chance. Cheek piercings are all the rage and can give you the dimples you have always wanted. Cheek piercings are also known as dimple piercings. The piercing goes through the cheek area and is usually accented with cubic zirconia or a barbell, some even go with spikes. Whatever your selection, make sure it is the style you are looking for.

This history of cheek piercings dates back to the Aleutian islands off the coast of Alaska, where hunters went to hunt for seal. The cheek piercings were a way to look like seals, the piercings being their whiskers. The technique made the seals surface because they felt as if they were relatives of the fisherman. This tactic worked well for the fisherman and became a common piercing for that working group.

Cheek piercings are great for your overall look, but require you to ensure you have a piercer that is competent in piercing. Girl Dimple PiercingThis is definitely not the location for a novice piercer. The piercing must be accurately placed for symmetry and also to avoid piercing the parotid duct. This duct is responsible for creating saliva and if it is pierced you may not be able to produce saliva effectively and your duct could be susceptible to infection. So, research your piercer and ensure they are able to pierce properly in this area.

Wearing this jewelry can be a challenge, especially if you obtain barbells. Biting down on the barbell can damage your teeth. That is why there are options to get a labret piercing which has a disc backing inside the mouth or a barbell made of hypoallergenic acrylic. This bioflex material is a great for initial piercings because they allow it to heal more quickly and they also allow for you to get used to the piercing with a softer material so you don’t cause tooth damage.

Other items that can be worn are spiked labrets, which look pretty great in that location. It gives a great style and unique look in that location. The piercer usually pierces with a 12 - 16 gauge range to give a large enough space for the cheek to swell and heal after piercing. You can then go down in size if you wish. This piercing takes about 2-3 months to heal. It is one of the relativity less painful piercings to obtain. Make sure you are keeping the area clean and rinsed properly to prevent infection. Homemade saline solutions are the best way to clean this area.

Cheek piercings are just as unique as you are. People usually pierce in doubles for symmetry, but you may decide you only want one side pierced. Whatever your choice, remember to choose the piece of jewelry that fits your unique style and ensure that it reflects you. Check out your local piercing studio to find an expert piercing artist that works with cheek piercings. Then get those dream dimples that you have always wanted.