5 Popular Piercings for Men Part 2

Top 5 Piercings for Men

Men have a lot of options for piercings, and choosing the right one can take some time. There’s always the fear of looking too feminine, or the fear that a piercing just won’t look good. To help you decide which piercing is right for you, here’s a closer look at the top five piercings for men.

1. Helix

The helix is the cartilage on the upper ear. A helix piercing is done by piercing the cartilage with a small gauge needle. It’s among one of the more common male piercings because there are a variety of masculine studs and bead rings that can be worn in the piercing. It heals pretty easily and isn’t very painful. One variation of this piercing is the industrial piercing, which is two helix piercings next to each other, holding the same jewelry (usually a barbell).

2. Earlobe

Although an earlobe piercing might conjure up images of a girls wearing fancy jewelry in their ears, this can actually be a very masculine piercing. Many men stretch their earlobes. They put bigger sizes earrings, called plugs or gauges, in the earlobe. Then, the hole gets bigger by gradually stretching it. This process takes awhile, but the result can be a desired sized hole in the earlobe. If the ear is not stretched, most men stick to simple studs & circular barbells for their jewelry.

3. Septum

The septum is the wall between your nostrils. So not surprisingly, a septum piercing goes through this wall. This type of piercing is popular among men, though women wear it too. Usually, a captive bead ring or circular barbell is worn in a septum piercing. However, there are a lot of different variations and types of jewelry. Some men also go for a stretched septum, gradually stretching the hole over time.

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4. Eyebrow

There is a surprisingly large number of ways for a man to pull off an awesome eyebrow piercing. Spikes, metal bead studs, and barbells come in all different shapes and sizes, giving the piercing a tough look. The piercing usually goes through the outer edge of the eyebrow. It can be vertical or horizontal, and there can be multiple eyebrow piercings through the same eyebrow.

5. Nipple

One of the most common piercings among men is the nipple piercing. The procedure is the same for men and women. The nipple is pierced at the base, not too deep. Migration is possible, so the smallest gauge used for a nipple piercing is usually 14 gauge. There’s a large variety of jewelry that you can wear in the nipple area, depending on what type of look you’re going for.

It’s pretty clear that there are a lot of good options for male piercings. Choose one that fits your style, and have fun experimenting with the different types of jewelry that go with each piercing.