5 Reasons You Should Run from Any Body Piercing Place

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When getting pierced it’s important to find the right studio for you! Not just because you need to be comfortable with the employees and the price, but because choosing the wrong studio could lead to nasty infections or ending up with a piercing you didn’t want in the first place.

Here are the signs you should be looking out for when choosing where to get pierced:

They Don’t Show Examples of their Work

While getting examples of a studios work is often referred to when getting a tattoo, it can be just as important when getting pierced. Why get pierced when you don’t know what you’ll end up with? Who knows if they’re well known for spreading infections or using dodgy piercings?

They Don’t Use Gloves & Reuse their Needles!

Firstly, gross!

If you see a piercing place reusing needles or piercing without gloves, that’s the first and only sign you’ll need to have you walking right out the door. When getting pierced, hygiene is so utterly important that any piercer that disregards simple tactics like wearing gloves doesn’t actually care about your safety.

If You Don’t Feel Comfortable

Now, I wouldn’t recommend walking into a piercing studio, and walking out right away if you’re uncomfortable. But sometimes our reactions can tell you a lot more about a place than you might think.

Try having a brief conversation with the body piercer and if you’re still on edge, get out of there!

They’re going to be sticking a sharp needle through your flesh. I’m sure they wouldn’t want you to freak out at their touch either. It’s dangerous!

If They Don’t Know the Real Names for Piercings

This point goes to show how important it is to be comfortable, and able to talk to your piercer.

A friend of mine went to get her tragus pierced at a local shop. But when she asked if they do that piercing they had no idea what it was! That should have been a very obvious sign for me, but alas, I went and got my nose pierced there later anyway. As well as being asked if “I wanted the gun” (warning sign!), I ended up getting an infection almost immediately!

Apart from my own anecdotal experience, this simply shows they’re untrained. Do you want an untrained person sticking a needle into you?

They Use a Piercing Gun

No matter what people say, never get pierced with a piercing gun. Any piercing – any piercing – can be done with a needle, which is much more hygienic. If a piercing shop you’re at asks if you want to use a piercing gun rather than a needle, run! It means they don’t understand how unhygienic guns are, or that they don’t care.

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Sometimes it takes time and experiences to find the right fit for you, but this guide should help you steer clear of places that don’t really care for you as a customer. Do you have any deal-breakers when looking for a piercing studio?