How to Hide Piercings for Work

Jewelry for Hiding Piercings

You get a job to earn money for expensive piercings, and then have to hide those piercings for work to earn money for more piercings. It’s a disastrous cycle! But most modified people have to face this at certain points in their lives.

Don’t be dismayed. There are easy ways to hide your piercings that will take two seconds to undo as soon as you clock off. Here goes!

For Hiding Plugs go Nude

Plugs might seem like a modification that can’t be hidden, but the trick is to work around them. Opt for plugs that match your skin-tone. You might be surprised with how well this works for larger sizes.

Skin Tone Plugs Gauges

Don’t Underestimate the Part Your Hair can Play!

Bonus points if you have hair that can cover or partially cover up any ear piercings you have or a fringe that can cover an eyebrow piercing! If you’re lucky enough to work in an environment that doesn’t have strict hair style guidelines you might be able to pull this off without any need to change your ear piercings.

That’s what Retainers Were Made For

Piercing retainers were made specifically for keeping a healed piercing from closing up during working hours or other sensitive events that may ask you to take your piercings out. They’re usually clear or nude coloured and work especially well in smaller gauge piercings. Your lip ring or nose stud will blend seamlessly into your skin before you know it!

Opt for a Septum Piercing for the Easiest Hiding Spot

If you’re wondering what kind of piercing to get but are worried about hiding it for work, a septum piercing is your best bet. All you need to do is flip it up into your nostrils and it’s out of sight, out if your employers) mind.

This is particularly great because you don’t have to worry about using a retainer with any fresh piercing (never do this!) and it takes literally two seconds.

Body Jewelry Retainers

Opt for Piercings Away from the Face

Unless you’re job involves rigorous activity (which may irritate piercings underneath clothing) or minimal clothing altogether, you’re probably better opting for a piercing that’s away from the face and thus more easily hidden underneath your outfit. There are so many options, and sometimes a more adventurous ear piercing can be easily overlooked.

If All Else Fails Use a Bandaid?

If all else fails, maybe you have a healing piercing that you can’t change to a retainer, you can always hide it with a bandaid. I’ve seen lots of people using small circular bandaids to cover their nose piercings at work. It’s quite noticeable, and it’s obvious that it’s covering a piercing, but it’s a sure way to get around any dress code policies.

When using a bandaid, just make sure you choose one that’s safe to use around your piercing. You don’t want something cheap that may irritate the site with glue, or something so sticky it’ll pull a nose-screw right out!

Did I miss your favorite tip for hiding piercings at work? Let us know!