6 Conch Piercing Jewelry Ideas to Start off the New Year

Conch piercings have become increasingly popular, and for good reasons! They’re favored by piercers everywhere for a few important reasons: they work on virtually every type of ear anatomy, are easy to pierce, they’re relatively easy to heal, and, perhaps best of all, the jewelry choices are endless.

Sometimes, with so many choices out there, selecting jewelry to match your individual style can be overwhelming. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

In this blog, we’ll examine some conch piercing jewelry ideas that are perfect to start off the new year.

Conch Piercing Jewelry


One of the trends that we saw start to take off towards the end of 2022 and that we expect to continue to rise in popularity throughout 2023 is the concept of incorporating chains into jewelry.

When it comes to conch piercing jewelry, there are two main ways to incorporate chains. The first option is to purchase a piece with a dangle chain, such as our 14-karat gold dangle chain hinged segment ring or our double dangle chain threadless titanium barbell.

If you’re into a big, bold statement stud, but also want the look of a ring, we suggest wearing something like our half-crown pink opalite titanium threadless stud and adding a chain to it.

Teardrop Shaped Ends

When I was getting pierced at TRX Tattoos and Piercings recently, I saw someone get their conch pierced and opt to install a beautiful teardrop end from BVLA. The teardrop shape fit so nicely with their ear’s anatomy, and it honestly made me want to immediately get my conch pierced so I could get jewelry just like it.

If the Instagram accounts of piercers I follow are anything to go by, teardrop-shaped ends are becoming increasingly popular, and I fully expect them to be a jewelry trend in 2023.

Take, for example, our allay teardrop cubic zirconia internally threaded titanium top or lure teardrop cubic zirconia internally threaded titanium top. Both of these are extremely flattering in a conch piercing because the curve of the teardrop will fit nicely with the curve of the ear. Additionally, the cubic zirconia gives the jewelry the perfect amount of bling to ensure it’s the focal point of your ear. Talk about making a statement!

Teardrop Shaped Ends

Textured Rings

Another trend we predict will make a splash in 2023 is textured rings, and they’re perfect options for healed conch piercing jewelry.

If you’re looking for something to spend your Christmas money on, we cannot suggest our 14-karat gold coil hinged segment ring enough. The curves in the coil look fantastic against the curvature and folds of the ear.

However, if you’re looking for something less expensive, our rose gold PVD angled titanium hinged segment ring is the perfect alternative.

Hammered Side Facing Titanium Hoop Ring


Remember when constellation piercings were trending? Well, now it’s all about constellation conch piercing jewelry. Lately, I’ve seen a ton of posts on Instagram of healed conches with constellation jewelry in them.

Much like teardrop-shaped ends and coils fit nicely with the ear’s curvature, so does constellation jewelry.

At Urban Body Jewelry, we have a series of studs with all the various astrological sign constellations. Because of their size, they really fill up that inner part of your ear and can even make it look like you have more piercings than you really do. Because of this, these pieces are definitely the ultimate statement pieces. They come in both gold PVD and stainless steel. Depending on the constellation you select, they range in price from $9.95 to $13.95, making them extremely affordable for how many CZ gems are included.

Constellation Jewelry

Creepy Crawlies

Goth fashion has been taking over, and it’s clearly not going anywhere anytime soon. Because of this, clothing and jewelry with spiders, webs, snakes, and other insects have become increasingly popular.

One trend that I’m absolutely drooling over is a double conch decorated with both a spider web stud (we have one for both a right ear and a left ear, so the web fits nicely with the ear curvature) and a spider stud.

We’ve also seen an increasing number of people wearing snake ends in their conches. The curving of the snake’s body looks gorgeous against the folds of the ear.


During the pandemic, many of us turned to raising plant babies and propagating indoor plants to develop new hobbies and spend our time. But who said that trend died when quarantining at home ended?

These days, people are still investing in growing their Monstera Deliciosa plants. If you’ve got a bunch of indoor plants and leaves, why not show off your love for them in your jewelry?

Many ear curators love opting for jewelry pieces like our leaf clear CZ top because branch’s curvature matches an ear’s curve so well.

Plant Threadless Body Jewelry

The Main Point

Conch piercings are incredibly versatile, and you can wear a multitude of jewelry types in them. This is because everything looks good in a conch piercing. Yes, we mean everything. From simple studs and plain hoops to unique shapes, colors, stones, and textures, our collection of conch piercing jewelry has something for everyone. 

Written by Jackie Rachel

Jackie Rachel

Jackie Rachel is a poet and Content Account Manager. She has been getting pierced for over 16 years, while taking the time to learn proper aftercare techniques from the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) members. Always enamored by the jewelry options that exist for body modifications, she one day hopes to assist clientele with picking out jewelry and styling ears.