7 Signs You’re Addicted to Piercings!

Piercing Addiction

Once you have one piercing it is most likely not your last! Most people are aware of the saying that someone with a few piercings or tattoo’s makes them want more, they’re addicting. “After conquering the anxiety to successfully receiving and healing that first body piercing, it becomes more exciting to choose the next one, the more exposure we have to a particular chosen event or stimuli, the less frightening or outrageous it seems because we slowly become desensitized” This was said by Stephanie Hutter Thomas, a professional body piercer and PhD student, studying the psychology of body art. There isn’t a sufficient study that people are psychologically dependent on body piercings, but people are drawn to the journey, the process, and the unique creativity that each piercing brings.

Piercing Shops

The brain goes through a unique process throughout the piercing procedure. When your body goes through an intense physical stressor or pain, the brain releases endorphins. These endorphins interact with the body’s pain receptors and activate the bodies opiate receptors. Many professional piercers and piercing enthusiasts describe the feeling of getting a piercing as a release, or a type of relaxation. Body art is unique, it is special to you and your body. Many people find the piercing process a type of self-therapy. Piercings can be a way to feel good about yourself and a way to express your inner creativity. This list is a fun way to know if you are addicted to piercings!

1. You have more than one piercing: According to Pew Research center in 2010, 8 percent of Americans reported having more than one piercing other than the earlobes. In the past 8 years this number has jumped significantly, as body modification has become more accepted in society.

2. You’re always planning your next piercing: When you walk into the piercing parlor to get your piercing, and you walk out with the next one in mind!

3. You have an ongoing project with your piercer: You know you are in the piercing shop quite a bit when you are working on a long-term piercing project. This is usually when you have a bigger design in mind, this takes patience, correct body jewelry and specific placement.

Newest Body Jewelry

4. When you have a piercing “fund”: When you are saving up for new jewelry and new piercings with a savings dedicated to new body modifications!

5. When you're on a texting/calling basis with your piercer: You know you love piercings when you are texting or emailing your piercer with new project ideas and jewelry options.

6. You are a part of multiple piercing groups on Facebook/ or follow piercing blogs: These groups keep you up to date on trending piercings and new looks. These groups can be a variety of learning groups/ Association of Professional Piercer Groups/ and places where you can show off your new jewelry!

7. You are considering becoming a piercing apprentice: This takes a lot of thought, money, and time! If you are truly in love with piercings and the piercing process, you may be talking with your professional piercer about a possible apprenticeship.

With any piercing it is important that you do your research beforehand. Finding a quality piercer is extremely important for the health and longevity of your piercings.

If you have any questions regarding a piercing reach out to your piercer or medical doctor immediately.