8 Jewelry Options for your Lip Piercing!

Labret Piercing Jewelry

The lip piercing is done on the side or middle of the mouth and can be done on the upper or lower lip. This type of piercing has gained popularity and is also known as a Labret, Monroe, Medusa, Vertical Labret, Snake Bites, Spider Bites, Angel Bites or Dolphin Bites. There are so many options when it comes to lip jewelry. The two main types of jewelry are going to be: a captive bead and a labret / flat back stud. Here are our favorite pieces for the fall season!

Threadless Jewelry

Theadless labret jewelry is an awesome choice for lip piercings. These come in combo packs and are also sold individually by piece. Made of ASTM f 136 titanium with multiple gem settings to fit your style. The threadless design makes it easy to replace the top gem on your piercing. No more screwing on & off the tiny pieces to change them out. Over 70+ designs to pick from that will your piercing stand out.

1. 18G Titanium Threadless Labret + Clear CZ Top

2. 18G Titanium Threadless Labret + White Opalite Top

Threadless Opalite

Keeping it Simple!

There is no better way to adorn your piercing than with 14kt gold and 14kt white gold. This is going to give your piercing an elegant look with a beautiful finish. The best part about working with gold is the variety. You can go with a piece that is small and dainty or a little edgier. While most of these pieces are kept simple, they are meant to fit your personality. The 14kt gold CZ gem captive bead ring became a quick favorite due to its yellow gold and 3mm gemstone captive bead ring. Not only is your piercing going to stand out against your skin with the yellow gold, but you are getting a whole bunch of sparkle with the 3mm gemstone in the middle! If this isn’t edgy enough, don’t worry! You can still get all of the advantages of gold with a little more danger. The 14kt white gold spiked circular barbell is giving you the benefit of gold (great for those who are sensitive to metals) and a little bit of edge. This piece features a spike on each end of the barbell (Bonus points for the spikes being 14kt gold!). This piece is going to keep your look simple, but it is going to give you a little more edge.

3. 14kt Gold CZ Gem Captive Bead Ring

4. 14kt White Gold Spiked Circular Barbell

14 karat gold piercing

Fall in Love with Opalite!

Opalites are one of the hottest trends in the piercing community and they are slowly taking the world by storm. When it comes to looks, opalite can be found in almost every color! As we start to move into fall darker styles are becoming more popular. The 16G blue opalite spike is going to be a perfect addition to your look. If the blue spike stands out a little too much you have other options such as the 16 opalite flat back internally threaded post. The opalite is white in color and shines an iridescent sparkle when hit by the light. Let’s not forget that this piece is also internally threaded! Internally threaded jewelry is amazing for piercings because the threading does not pass through the fistula of the piercing!


5. 16G Blue Opalite Spike Stainless Steel Labret

6. 16G White Opalite Flat Back Internally Threaded Labret

Internally Threaded Labret Jewelry

Jewelry for Any Size

Titanium & stainless steel captive rings are perfect for your piercing. These can be ordered in a size as small as a 20g and as large as an 00g! If the captive ring isn’t your style, it’s okay! You can still accommodate your lip piercing with a titanium internally threaded circular barbell. The barbells are sold individually in a size as small as a 16G and as large as a 6G. The circular barbell can be a great option for those who want something different than the traditional captive bead ring. Pick whichever piece of jewelry is more comfortable for you!

7. Stainless STeel Captive Ring

8. Internally Threaded Titanium Circular Barbell

Titanium Circular Barbells