9 Stylish Industrial Barbell Gifts They’ll Love This Valentine’s Day

Did you know February has historic roots in romance? It dates back to Christian and ancient Roman legends regarding the mysterious Saint Valentine. One third-century legend says that after marriage was outlawed for young Roman soldiers, Valentine continued to perform marriages in secret. Another legend says Valentine actually sent the first valentine's greeting after falling in love with his captor’s daughter.

Regardless of its curious history, the tradition remains in 2023. We scoot down to the nearest store on February 14th, peruse aisles full of whimsical, heart-shaped tchotchkes, and choose a romantic card, heart-shaped bouquet, teddy bear, and box of chocolates.

But what if I told you there was another way to show your sweetheart you’re thinking of them? In this blog, you’ll find 9 romance-inspired industrial barbells, sure to please him or her.

The Classic Heart Industrial

Hear me out. Hearts get a bad reputation for being an “easy” Valentine’s Day choice, but this stainless steel heart phases clear CZ industrial barbell is the perfect way to kick off your holiday. Just as our love goes through phases year after year, this piece highlights 3 heart motifs: one small, one medium CZ gem, and a large heart outline. That’s triple the love--what better way to show you care?

Heart Industrial Jewelry

Cupid’s Arrow Industrial

Cupid is a common image on Valentine’s Day since he’s the child of Venus, the goddess of love. It’s said that any mortal struck by Cupid’s arrow would fall in love with the first person they see. This Valentine’s Day, take cupid’s place and gift them this stainless steel heart CZ arrow industrial barbell. Aim to show your love with its beautiful gem inlays and unique heart design.

Cupid Heart Industrial

Romantic Art Deco Industrial

Simple, gold jewelry has taken the world by storm in the last year, reminding us of the art deco style. And while this barbell doesn’t scream Valentine’s Day, that might be a good thing if your loved one enjoys a more discreet V-day gift. This gold PVD paragon clear CZ titanium industrial barbell features ASTM F-136 titanium, a great option for those with sensitive skin, and 3 clear CZ gems that will shine on that special someone.

Romantic Art Deco Industrial

Fashionable, Continuous-Loop Heart

If your King or Queen of Hearts doesn’t prefer the bling of a CZ gem, this stainless steel heart industrial barbell might just be the perfect fit. Continuous-loop designs have been popularized across tattoos and jewelry. So this simple, sleek continuous-loop heart is sure to match any style and vibe.

Fashionable, Continuous-Loop Heart

Rose Gold Lotus Industrial

Lotus flowers are beautiful, and they represent strength and rebirth. Show your sweetheart that you admire their resilience and beauty with this stainless steel rose gold lotus opal industrial barbell. Featuring a gorgeous, synthetic teardrop opal in the middle of a lotus pendant, this barbell makes an especially thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift if your person loves nature.

Dark & Sensual Industrial

For your honey who thinks Halloween is year-round, this black PVD abalone bat wing stainless steel industrial barbell perfectly captures a creepy vibe, even on Valentine’s Day. With a bat motif and color-shifting abalone shell inlay surrounded by black PVD, it’s a barbell that screams style in the midst of darkness.

Out of This World

On February 14th, tell your sweetie they’re your sun, moon, and stars with this stainless steel half-moon oval CZ industrial barbell. Simple and elegant with an oval CZ gem as a centerpiece, surrounded on both sides with silver crescent moons, this idea fits the style of any metaphysical lover. This option is especially perfect for those who love a bit of bling.

Out of This World

We know they’ll love it

Whether you choose an option above or browse our wide selection of industrial barbells to find the perfect fit for your lover, Urban Body Jewelry has got you covered. Our trending piercing jewelry, reliable materials, and stellar customer service are really a match made in heaven.