All About Captive Rings and Circulars

Captive Rings & Barbells

Today, body piercings have become so diverse that it’s sometimes hard to keep track of all the different jewelry and piercing names. But don’t worry: here’s a sneaky guide that will help you differentiate between all the different types of body jewelry rings and circulars.


BCR stands for Ball/Bead Captive Ring. This is basically a full hoop with a gem, bead, or ball that closes it off. To wear this style, you would unscrew the ball or bead, insert the ring into your piercing, and then re-attach the ball or bead.

Captive Rings

Segment Ring

The segment ring is similar to a BCR, but the ball, bead or gem in this case gets replaced by a section that resembles the barbell itself. This creates the illusion of a seamless hoop as long as the jewelry is actually closed.  

Segment Rings


The horseshoes style essentially resembles the horseshoe, hence the name. It has 2 free ends which get capped with a gem, ball, or other fixed piece, each or one of which can be easily screwed on or off to allow the insertion of the piercing.

Horseshoe Circular Rings

Pincer/ Pincher

This circular resembles the Horseshoe, but also involves some elements of a buffalo taper, which means the middle section of the Pincher is thicker than the ends, which have O rings to hold the piece in place. The gauge for Pinchers is measured at the largest point. This type of circular is usually worn in septum piercings, although they can also be worn anywhere Horseshoe pieces are worn.

Pincher Rings

Spiral Barbell

The spiral barbell has an interesting spiral shape that can only be worn in specific piercings. Like the Horseshoe, it has 2 ends with fixed pieces, each or one of which can be unscrewed. Although putting on this curving barbell may appear difficult, it usually isn’t too hard to do, especially with practice.  

That’s it! You’ve just learned a bit more about the different types of body rings and circulars that exist in the modern body modified world. Enjoy the knowledge, and don’t forget to inform others!