Nose Ring Issues and How to Solve Them

Nose Ring Information

Nose rings are great, and they actually offer more variety than some people believe. But not all nose ring styles are created equal, and not all noses are the same size and shape. This sometimes creates problems for those with nose piercings: what to do if you find a nose ring you really like but it doesn’t fit? Here are some tips and suggestions that can fix those fitting issues.

A Nose Ring That Sticks Out

Problem: The nose ring you wear looks smooth on your friend’s nose, but on yours it sticks out like a mini Eiffel Tower.

Solution: Check out the rise of your jewelry. Rise pertains to the length of the part between the curve of the nose ring and the base of your nose ring’s gem. Some of the most popular lengths for the rise are 6 or 7 millimeters, but this may be too long for those with slimmer nostrils. If you’re one with a smaller nose, you may wish to find a nose ring with a 5mm rise instead.

The Corkscrew Sticks Out

Problem: The nose screw stick’s corkscrew portion is sticking out at the bottom of your nostril no matter which way you turn it.

Solution: If this happens to you, the piercing might be slightly further down your nostril, or it could mean you have a smaller nose. Although these things can make finding suitable jewelry a bit more of a challenge, you can still find yourself some great-looking nose rings. If you’re obsessed with corkscrews, look for one that doesn’t make a full revolution or one with a less pronounced curve. If you’re willing to wear something different, try switching to nose bone style items.

The Nose Hoop Dilemma

Problem: Regular nose hoops don’t fit on your nose because your piercing is a bit higher on your nostril than usual. Huge nose hoops stick out too much, so you can never find one that fits you perfectly.

Solution: The best solution here would be to get a custom bend. Buy a fishtail (an extra-long, straight nose ring), and bring it to a piercer for adjustment. While this may cost you a little extra, you will have your very own, unique nose hoop custom bent to suit your particular piercing.