Saline Solution for Piercing | DIY Sea Salt Soak for Body Piercing Aftercare

Sea Salt Soaks

When it comes to aftercare for a freshly healed piercing or fighting an infection or irritation, sea salt soaks are your number one go to! The salt draws out infections and removes bad bacteria, all while leaving all the good stuff that will help your piercing heal. This works on any kind of piercing from microdermal to tongue piercings.

Never Use Harsh Cleansers to Clean Your Piercing

In regards to cleaning your new piercing never resort to using harsh cleansers, antibacterial soaps or even hydrogen peroxide. As well as removing all the nasty bacteria from a piercing, they remove all the good stuff too and generally irritate the entire site.

What Does Saline Solution do for Piercings?

The body piercing industry as a whole recommends using sterile salt water sprays to clean your body piercings. Basically a salt water solution. The sterile salt water spray simply flushes and irrigates your piercing. Helping to remove any dirt or bacteria that may be harboring on or around the jewelry and piercing. Recommended brands of sterile saline sprays are Nielmed, H2Ocean, and Sterile Saline Wound Wash.

What to Clean a Piercing With?

Professional body piercers and the body piercing industry in general recommends using a sterile saline solution to clean your body piercings. A sterile saline spray is the preferred method although a more time consuming salt water soak may be used. Sterile saline sprays can be found on our website or at your local piercing shop. The top recommended brands are Nielmed, H2Ocean, and Sterile Saline Wound Wash.

How Do You Make Saline Solution for Piercings?

While you can buy bottled aftercare sprays to use on your piercings - even mall stores often even give you a bottle! – it’s super easy and cheap to make your own in bulk. That way you’ll have it hanging around the house for when you need it most! The ingredients for a sea salt soak are products you can easily pick up from any grocery store.

 You’ll need:

  • A gallon of distilled water.
  • Non-iodised sea salt.

Next simply place four teaspoons of salt into the gallon of water and mix it up. Super simple! Room temperature is best, so just leave it in your pantry!

How to Sea Salt Soak?

When it comes to the actual process of soaking your piercing with this solution there are only two things you need: a cup or shot glass (never use plastic!) and a microwave to heat the solution up in the cup for a couple sections.

Don’t overheat the solution. You want to warm it slightly, not burn yourself!

Taking your warmed solution in your cup or shot glass depending on the placement of your piercing you will need to position yourself. For nose piercings, ear piercings and so forth, simply lean forward so that the entire area is sitting in the sea salt solution. When it comes to tricker piercings like the belly button using a shot glass is easier. Simply lean forward and hold the glass to the area until a suction or seal is created. Then lean back and you’re ready to soak.

Let it soak for 7-10 minutes.

There you are! We told you it was simple. This method is a no fuss, straight to the point and straight on to healing method to aftercare. You can’t go wrong with sea salt soaks.

Before you go, don’t forget to check out the video all about sea salt soaks this post is based on!