Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Snake Bite Piercings

Snakebite Piercing 101

Snake bites are two lip piercings that are positioned underneath the bottom lip on either side of the mouth. If you flip these up onto the top lip they’re called angel bites. They’re an extremely popular type of labret piercing because they resemble where snake fangs would be and can be layered with lots more lip piercings!

Would you try them? Keep reading to find out all you need to know.

Placement and Ring Size is Super Important!

When it comes to snake bite piercings placement is everything. This piercing looses its affect when off center. It should be perfectly placed so that it is even and is mirrored on each side.

Make sure the spots for each piercing are marked out and double or triple check the position is even. The piercer won’t mind, we’re sure!

The size of the piercing jewelry used can affect this. If you go too small the jewelry might move around as the piercing heals. It’s best to opt for 14-16 gauge jewelry whether for a ring or stud. Make sure to talk to your piercer if you’re worried about this!

Lip Rings

The Healing Process

When getting a snake bites piercing you are getting two piercings, one after another. This can be particularly stressful on the body because after the first your adrenaline will have been used up dealing with the pain from the first. Most people report more pain during a second piercing.

To help your body deal with this stress, it’s always important to stay on top of your aftercare. Take a look at our labret aftercare tips and tricks article. But as long as you’re flushing your mouth with sea salt soaks, brushing your teeth, and are making sure not to touch your piercing and keep the outside clean with a sea salt spray.

Again, because you are getting two piercings the usual swelling may be more than the usual labret piercing. Be careful with the area and to ease any discomfort stick to soft or liquid foods for a couple days!

This article is intended to let you know the basics of the snake bite piercing. If you’re having real trouble with your piercing or even if you’re getting one for the first time always follow up with your piercer and ask as many clarifying questions as you can! It’s always important to speak to a professional, qualified expert before getting piercer.

Do you have snake bite piercings? let us know in the comment section below! We’d love to hear about it and we’re sure the readers of the post would too.