Choosing the Right Nipple Jewelry

Cute Nipple Piercing Jewelry

When it comes to picking out nipple jewelry the options are virtually endless. However, some thoughtful pointers will make sure your search for the perfect nipple jewelry is easy and successful.

Size and Material

14 gauge is an ideal size for most nipple piercings. Even if you were pierced at a larger gauge, sizing up shouldn’t be a problem. 14G is also one of the most common piercing sizes, so there will be plenty of options to choose from as far as jewelry.

The two main variations of nipple jewelry are barbells and clickers. Barbells are the simpler option, and they contain a straight bar and balls or other customizable ends. If you’re not interested in loose ends on your nipple jewelry, clickers are always an option as well. Any sort of clicker jewelry is designed to snap into place with an easy “click” on one side, and they will stay secure without any worries.

You’ve narrowed in on the size and style you want. Next is what sort of material will work best for your nipple piercings. Our 316L stainless steel barbells and clickers come in a variety of different styles and sizes. As an alternative to steel, our Aston F136 titanium pieces are convenient and affordable. Since titanium is a non-reactive metal that can be anodized into different colors, there are even more options for customization if you’re looking for a unique piece!

Specialty Jewelry

Maybe you’ve seen some basic barbells and want something a little fancier for your nipple jewelry collection. In that case there are some specialty options to choose from that are sure to please.

Nipple Clicker Variations

These opalite clickers are both aesthetically pleasing and convenient since they only have adornments on the bottom of the nipple. They are also one of the easier styles to put on, and don’t require dealing with end pieces or the risk of jewelry falling out.

Opalite Nipple Clicker Rings

Barbell Variations

Barbells might be the most widely used jewelry variation for nipples, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. There are many different variations of barbells available to choose from. A popular variation is one with fang attachments that fit onto the barbell and give a risqué edge to your jewelry.

Fang Nipple Rings

Another unique option is barbells that have a hanging chain. This style draws more attention to your nipple piercing for a showy look. While this variation may not be as ideal for everyday use, they are easy to put on and feature gemmed balls on either side that really make your piercing pop.

Chained Nipple Rings

Titanium Barbells

The basic go-to for any piercing collection is the titanium barbell. This internally threaded barbell can be anodized for a variety of colors, and comes in different sizes for a guaranteed comfy fit.

Titanium Nipple Barbell

These gemmed titanium barbells are a great choice for when you want a barbell with a little pizazz. Also available to be anodized, these barbells are a great choice for a special occasion.

CZ Gem Nipple Rings

This titanium style is adorned with gem clustered ends that contain pink opals within them. This variation is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a classic look while putting a spin on the classic gemmed end.

Cluster Pink Opalite Titanium Ring

No matter what option you choose, these styles are sure to accentuate your nipple piercings and build your jewelry collection at the same time!

*Everyone's anatomy is unique. Please contact your local professional piercer to ensure your exact size & fit if unsure.