10 Unique Stone Plugs to Try

Organic Stone Plugs to Wear

Stone plugs are starting to earn their rightful place in the limelight! These plugs are the perfect addition to any outfit, and they are a realistic style of jewelry for every-day wear. Here are ten of our favorite stone plugs!

The purple amethyst single flare stone plugs are both affordable and have rich hues of purple and lavender. One of the cool things about the amethyst plugs is the natural marbling that stone creates. This means that you are getting a variety of hues and color saturation throughout the plug. Amethyst has been used for thousands of years to stimulate, soothe, and ease the mind and emotions. The Ancient Greeks believed that amethyst would cure drunkenness and it has become known as the stone to prevent overindulgence. Not only are you getting a gorgeous purple stone, but you are getting the benefits of Amethyst’s emotional energy.

Amethyst Gauges

Can we just take a minute to stare at these beautifully crafted howlite turquoise stone rosebud plugs? The carved rosebuds give the illusion of a flower sitting right at the center of your ear. Howlite has been known to reduce anxiety, tension and emotional turmoil. You are getting a beautiful one of a kind carved design. These marbled plugs are 100% unique and come in a variety of sizes for all of your stretching needs.

Carved Rose Flower Gauges

One of the other unique aspects of wearing stones is their ability to be shaped and carved on the outside. These labradorite stone teardrop plugs are individually carved to resemble a teardrop shape. Many people believe that different shapes are harder to wear, but the teardrop shape is a comfortable shape next to the traditional circular plug or tunnel. The cool thing about labradorite is that it is a stone of magic, it is a head turner. This is a mineral that “flashes” different colors whenever it is moved. As you move your head you will be surprised by the flash of color that come from your plugs. Labradorite flashes in a purple, blue, yellow and orange color. Every angle creates a different flash, and this is going to be unique to every stone. Labradorite is truly one of a kind, you will never find a more versatile and mystical piece!

Teardrop Labradorite Gauges

If you’re looking to coordinate colors while adding multiple stones to your piercing, we got you covered! These white howlite stone plugs with obsidian Inlays give you the best of both worlds. You are getting the natural howlite edge with a black obsidian center. Fun fact about black obsidian, it is a type of Volcanic Glass that can be shaped and molded to fit many different styles. The black obsidian in these plugs are really making the howlite pop and bring attention to the contrast between the black and white. Not to forget, this is going to match virtually any outfit and any style.

50/50 Howlite Obsidian Gauges

Amazonite stone plugs with single flares are sure going to lull you into the ocean waves. Amazonite has become known for its soothing blues and subtle greens. It is a stone of both truth and confidence. You can stand with your head held high and speak with confidence as you rock these light blue plugs. What’s even cooler about Amazonite? This stone works with feminine and masculine energies to help soothe emotional trauma, worry and fear. Oh, and they are sure to stay secure with the clear “O” ring that is placed on a grove in the back!

Natural Amazonite Gauges

Ready, set, stop! These stone plugs are sure to stop you in your steps. The smokey quartz stone plugs are created with Smokey Quartz, a type of quartz that is extremely grounding. Smokey quartz comes in a variety of colors – light to dark. Smokey Quartz is known for its ability to absorb negative vibrations and return them to the earth where the Quartz was initially pulled from. If you’re going for aesthetics, you can definitely look forward to all of the rainbows that shine through the inclusions of the stone itself. Smokey Quartz is notorious for having some of the best rainbow in the stone and mineral world! Grab these plugs for a lift of positivity and an incredible dark look.

Double Flare Smokey Quartz Plugs / Gauges

Amethyst stone plugs are pretty fantastic, and you probably thought Amethyst was just a purple stone. Well, it goes a little deeper than that. Amethyst is found with quartz and when it has enough quartz it creates a chevron pattern. This has become known as Chevron Amethyst, and these Amethyst Stone Plugs are the perfect example. These stone plugs are not going out of style any time soon, and they feel amazing!

Purple Chevron Amethyst Plugs

Feeling a little edgy? Maybe looking for something more earth toned? Green Aventurine is the way to go! The green Aventurine stone squared plugs give you a unique shape and a nature-esque look. The Green Aventurine is carved into a square cut point to give a multi-dimension look to your piercing. You are also getting a light to medium green color that is similar to the leaves right before they start changing in the fall. Green aventurine is a great heart stone and it is a constant reminder that you are always connected to the rich soil of the earth. These are a winter favorite!

Single Flare Carved Aventurine Stone Squared Plugs

Tourmalated quartz plugs should be on everyone’s top ten list! This is quite possibly one of the coolest stones out there. These Quartz plugs have Tourmaline sprays in them. The Tourmaline is naturally occurring, and it can range in color, but the most common is black. You might find a hue of green or gold, but it is going to vary piece by piece. You are going to want to grab a pair of these because they are so unique.

Natural Tourmalated Quartz Stone Plugs

Last but not least, Moonstone! This beautiful stone is going to fill you with the moon’s serene energy! You are getting natural waves of creativity when wearing this stone. It is the ultimate artists stone. From a style perspective moonstone is similar to Labradorite in the sense that it flashes whenever it is moved. Moonstone plugs tends to have a riveting blue flash when the light hit it just right. These are plugs that you can get lost in.

Natural Moonstone Plugs/Gauges

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