Choosing your First Piercing: 8 Places to Consider

New Piercings

You’re looking to get your first piercing. You’re ready to go but there is one major decision in your way: where on your body should you get pierced? With so many different piercings out there and so many options, the decision of what piercing to get can be quite daunting. Here are eight different first time piercing locations that vary from the super simple to ease you in, to a little more daring to flip the switch on first time piercings.

1. Earlobe

Odds are you may even already have this and you’re looking for your first non-earlobe piercing. In the event you don’t have this already, though, the earlobe is a great place to start. Often considered one of the least painful locations to be pierced, the earlobes can be a way to ease into the piercing lifestyle. Not to mention, the diversity in earlobe jewelry is never ending! If you don’t have this piercing already, go. Get it done, and let the piercing world unfold before you in no time.

2. Helix

While popular among teens, the helix is sometimes forgotten about. The helix offers a way to amp up the piercing choice you make while still remaining on the ears and on the lower end of the pain spectrum. Also due to its reduced visibility, the helix can be a way to test how you react to being pierced, ease you into more bold choices, plus it’s really cute anyway!

Cartilage Pierced Helix

3. Nose

While jumping right into a facial piercing for your first piercing could be a huge risk for you, the nose is a fairly straight forward piercing, especially if this is your first piercing. A nose piercing also can remain dainty and simple if you’re unsure of how piercings may look on you.

Nostril Piercing

4. Tragus

Much like the helix, the tragus is a simple but different ear piercing that allows you to tread lightly into the pierced world. Keeping at the ears and lowly visible, this piercing still brings a lot to the table in terms of the uniqueness and how cute it is.

Pierced Tragus

5. Auricle

In case you can’t quite decide between a lobe and a cartilage piercing, the auricle rests between the two. Less hidden than the helix, but more so than the lobe, this could be an experimental location if you don’t want to draw too much attention to your ears. If this is an addition to the popularly pierced when babies lobe you’ve had, this is a great starter location to see how things go!

Cartilage Piercing

6. Double lobe

Say you do have your lobes pierced already but have no recollection of the event since you were an infant like so many of us were when this was done. You may be a bit apprehensive about getting a piercing because, let’s be honest, you may be afraid it will hurt! Go ahead and get a second hole in your lobes to see what you think. Again, this is often considered the least painful, but it can still get you used to the idea of getting pierced and start you in the right direction.

Two Earlobe Piercings


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7. Daith

Growing in popularity, the daith is an interesting little spot due to the claims of helping with migraines. Those claims aside, the daith is actually really cool since its hidden, but not in a oh-I’m-hiding-this way. The daith just sort of sits and waits to surprise people when they see it on you for the first time.

Daith Piercing

8. Conch

Definitely moving up the pain, healing time, and maintenance scale with this one, the conch is just a really cool piercing because of its versatility in exactly how you get pierced but also in the way it looks on different people. Plus the conch is nearly dead center through the main part of your ear, so its an interesting piercing to see!

Pierced Ear Conch

Hopefully this helps you to make that really important, big decision on where you want your first piercing to be. Remember to consider how any piercing would look on you rather than the images of strangers you see online when you look things up. Not everyone has the same shaped ears and noses, so consider this before committing to something wild for your first time. You can always go back for more once you’ve tested the waters!

PHOTO CRED: @vivacake0, @kerrylouisewebb