The Top 5 Piercings for the Adventure Lover in You

Unique Body Piercings

You’re looking for your next piercing and you really want to just go for it this time. You want to step out on a limb and pierce outside the box. What do you choose? In a world where the needle is the limit, the possibilities are truly endless. Deciding on some new needlework can be tricky, and it’s a very important decision to make. If you’re looking to show your adventurous side, here are 5 piercings to get when you’re looking to shake things up a bit!

1. Transverse lobe

This is such a different take on what is typically considered your run of the mill piercing. Everyone has their earlobes pierced, right? Right. Not everyone, however, has the transverse lobe piercing that pierces more vertically along and through the side of the earlobe. Take an average piercing spot and make it grand with a different take on the ear piercing.

Horizontal lobe Piercings

2. Industrial

This piercing location and style is definitely growing in popularity! The truly unique part about this location is the ability to really get creative and adventurous with your jewelry choices. From dragons snaking across the top of your ear, to a sword stabbing through, there are SO many different jewelry options out there today, that you could find all kinds of ways to switch it up. Not to mention, this is truly a double piercing – the needle has to make it though twice – so that in itself is an adventure!

Scaffold Piercing

3. Corset piercings

Now these are adventurous! Since corset piercings are really just surface piercings with ribbons coursing through (after healing of course!), they can be done nearly anywhere. Popular locations are the back, forearm, and the backs of the legs. These entail several strategically spaced piercings done to create that unique corset look. Talk about a statement piercing!

Corseted Body Piercing

4. Philtrum

Nothing says bold and adventure like getting a statement piercing right in the center of your face! Stationed right above the cupid’s bow of the upper lip, the philtrum can actually be quite dainty and feminine, but the location alone screams you have no idea who you’re working with. Some even get a double philtrum, upping the ante on the adventure with this one. Also known as the Medusa piercing

Medusa Piercing

5. Septum

Perhaps one of the most popular up and coming piercings in the trendy world, the septum follows suit of the philtrum in making a big statement on the center of your face. Thanks to certain social media filters, this piercing has been tried on by the masses and they’ve come to love the trend! It’s really just up to how adventurous you truly are and whether you’ll go under the needle or stick to filtered selfies on this one.

Septum Ring


While there are plenty of adventurous piercings to choose from, some of these five mix things up for traditional piercings or placements, and others completely turn your piercing game upside down.