Dermal Punches Explained!

All About Dermal Punches

There’s no doubt if you read throughout our catalogue of blog posts on piercing aftercare and stretching, you’ve come across the term piercing “punch” or dermal punch. But what exactly is a dermal punch in relation to body modification?

What is a dermal punch?

The proper name for a piercing punch is a dermal punch. Dermal referencing the dermatological aspect of the process – this occurs to skin – and punch referring the actual act of punching through the dermal layer. They are also known as “biopsy” which refers to the surgical removal of tissue from the body.

During this process a dermal punch is used instead of the piercing needle. A dermal punch is a sharp round cookie cutter like implement, that when pressed onto flesh will remove a circular section of it.

Why would anyone want a dermal punch?

Dermal punches are used commonly when a larger gauge is required for a piercing. So, rather than stretching up over a long period of time, when the initial piercing is done, the modified person can jump immediately to that size. This is generally only an option for larger sizes. Like on cartilage areas that are harder to penetrate and should not be stretched too much.

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What piercing can I get with a dermal punch?

The most common piercing to have done with a dermal punch is a cartilage piercing of a large size. Conch and outer conch piercings are the most popular. Larger punches can actually be healed without jewelry!

Lobe piercings are never a good option for dermal punching as the act of removing tissue from the ear during the punching process could lead to thinned ear lobes.

What are the risks of dermal punching?

Like any other body modification there is risk of infection and irritation. But as the dermal punch removes a large amount of tissue, there is also risk of bleeding. Always speak to a doctor before getting pierced or more importantly a dermal punch if you have issues with blood clotting or hemophilia.

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What piercing jewelry do you wear in a dermal punched piercing?

Depending on the size of your dermal punch, for smaller sizes you can use plugs or eyelets. For larger, piercing jewelry is not necessary for healing but can be a useful tool to impede bleeding using pressure.

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Disclaimer! If you’re interested in getting a dermal punch, we recommend you go to a professional  body piercer! As with any piercing, these are sensitive processes that, if done wrong, could seriously injure you or those around you. Use common sense, and never use a dermal punch in unsterilized spaces and without proper training.