Basic Aftercare for Wooden Plugs

Caring for Organic Wood Jewelry

Organic plugs, including wooden plugs, can be gorgeous additions to your body! But without proper aftercare your beautiful wooden plugs could turn out dry, brittle and cracked. No one wants that! Let your wooden plugs last forever and keep them looking brand new by following the three simple steps to wooden plug aftercare.

Avoid water at all costs.

Whether it’s an ocean, lake, jucuzi, pool, bath or even a shower always remember to take your wooden plugs or body jewelry out first!

If you are forgetful, it might be best to stick to water proof jewelry for everyday wear and opt to wear your wooden plugs and other wooden body jewelry on special events only.

The reason to avoid water is because wood acts like a sponge and will absorb it. This causes the plug to expand. Eventually, when the plug is no longer wet, this water will evaporate. When this water evaporates it will lead to your wooden plug cracking and drying out.

Wipe your plugs at least once a week.

At least once a week you should be wiping your dead skin cells off your wooden plugs and other wooden body jewelry. This is such an easy process you have no excuse!

Start by taking a clean paper towel.

Set the edge or flare of your plug (the part that actually touches your ear lobes) against the paper and spin the plug so that it rubs against the paper towel.

When doing this the skin cells are going to slowly start coming off onto the paper towel. This may take a couple minutes to completely clean the jewelry of the remnants, but trust the process! It works. There’s no need to use any water (didn’t we already talk about this?) or any cleansers.

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Oil your plugs at least once a month.

Using 100% jojoba oil, vitamin e oil or even emu oil and a clean paper towel wipe down the plug. There’s no need to saturate the plug. These should only be lightly rubbed like you are polishing them. Never apply the oil directly to the plugs. Apply to the paper towel in order to avoid order saturating your plug with oil. You’ll want to rub this in so that it delves down deep into the little cracks and pores of the wooden plug and will help the plug stay moist.

This oil is also awesome to apply to your ears in order to keep them from drying out! A gentle massage with a little bit of oil can do wonders. Always wipe off with a paper towel afterwards.

How easy was that!