From Red Carpets to Catwalks, Labret Piercings Are All the Rage

Purses, shoes, necklaces. What do these all have in common? They’re accessories. But what if we broaden this category and include labret piercings? A piercing that used to be popular amongst the punks has now made its way to high fashion, and for good reason.

At the Center of Your Face Making Headlines & Bold Statements

The 2022 MTV VMA Awards red carpet was just last night and today’s headlines all talk about what Lizzo wore and how she was accessorized. While her billowy blue-black Jean Paul Gautier gown definitely stood out, the one thing that has seemed to draw the most attention is her (faux?) gold lip ring.

Reporters have called the look a “bold statement,” like “emo royalty,” and “goth glamour.” Headlines are just simply pointing out her lip ring. And it’s for good reason. A standard labret piercing goes through the center of the lip. When a ring is worn in it, especially against a darker lip color, it becomes highly noticeable.

Men with Lip Piercings on the Red Carpet

It isn’t just women with lip piercings who are sporting them on the red carpet. At the 2022 Super Bowl Music Fest, Machine Gun Kelly wore a stoned rust-colored mesh turtleneck and busy, patterned pants. The most eye-catching thing about his outfit was his Dolce and Gabbana labret piercing jewelry. People were searching it so much that “what is MGK wearing on his lip?” became a popular search term. However, Machine Gun Kelly isn’t the first man to walk down a red carpet with a labret piercing.

Travis Barker, now married to Kourtney Kardashian, hasn’t worn his labret piercing jewelry since they began dating. But that doesn’t mean he never walked a red carpet without one. Back when Blink 182 began getting MTV-level attention, he often frequented red carpets wearing a simple steel captive bead ring in his labret piercing.

The Year of the Labret Piercing in Fashion

It seems as if 2022 has been saying loudly and clearly that the labret piercing is fashionable.

Balmain Runway

Not only did it appear on the red carpet last night, but fashion house Balmain’s male and female models were accessorized with labret-piercing-like lip cuffs in the Fall/Winter 2022 show.

The models wore hues of white, black, and grey while their accessories were gold jewelry, including lip cuffs.

Chanel Goes Punk

In Chanel’s 2022 Cruise collection, there was a definite punk rock twist to the fashion. Models were accessorized with labret piercings and wore silver rings through them. There were even Chanel logo lip rings.

The Main Point

This year seems to be the year of the labret piercing. While some of the models were wearing faux ones, a lip piercing could be the accessory you never knew you needed. Plus, a real one will give you many more jewelry options.

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Written by Jackie Rachel

Jackie Rachel

Jackie Rachel is a poet and Content Account Manager. She has been getting pierced for over 16 years, while taking the time to learn proper aftercare techniques from the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) members. Always enamored by the jewelry options that exist for body modifications, she one day hopes to assist clientele with picking out jewelry and styling ears.