Will a Nipple Piercing Provide More Sensitivity?

If you use TikTok, chances are you’ve come across a video where a girl remembers that she has her nipples pierced, looks down her shirt, and then exclaims, “Nice.” And somehow, this trend went viral.

There’s something inherently sexy about nipple piercings. They aren’t always seen unless you’re wearing a tight or thin shirt, and their secretive nature perhaps aids in their sexual allure. The fact that they often make your nipples erect also contributes to their erotic nature.

Some people get their nipples pierced to increase sensitivity to the area, but the question remains: will a nipple piercing provide more sensitivity? Keep reading on to find out.

Understanding Nipple Sensitivity in General

Your nipples are considered erogenous zones; in other words, they’re a sensitive area on the body that result in sexual arousal when they’re touched. Some people can reach orgasm solely from nipple stimulation. However, it’s these people likely have more sensitive nipples. If you don’t find nipple stimulation arousing, it could be that you have less sensitive nipples. This is why people seek out nipple piercings to increase their sensitivity and aid in sexual pleasure.

Do Nipple Piercings Contribute to Sensitivity?

While there is no guarantee or scientific evidence that getting your nipples pierced will provide you with more sensitivity, people have experienced enhanced sensitivity from their piercings.

Nipples have rich concentrations of nerve endings, both on the inside and outside. When safely and properly placed, the jewelry worn in your nipple piercing can stimulate the nerve endings, increasing sensitivity. However, this varies from person to person, and the amount the sensitivity increases will never be the same between two people.

Arousal Vs. Sensitivity

Because arousal and sensitivity are related, it’s important to talk about the difference between the two. Arousal, alone, can cause nipples to feel sensitive in the same way colder temperatures affect nipple sensitivity.

Therefore, sometimes people get aroused at having their pierced nipples toyed with during partnered sex or even during masturbation. Additionally, the jewelry can attract a partner’s attention and encourage more interaction with them.

Other Reasons People Wish to Enhance Sensitivity with Nipple Piercings

Some people who have had breast surgery, including those who opt for top or other gender-affirming surgeries, experience diminished feeling in their breasts post-operation. Therefore, they get their nipples pierced to bring back some of the lost sensitivity. This can be extremely gender-affirming and completely separate from the sexual side of sensitivity.

It’s important to note that it’s recommended you wait at least a year post-surgery until you do get your nipples pierced.

Gem Nipple Piercing Bar

Get Confident!

In addition to the potential to increase sensitivity, many people with pierced nipples have reported how much they boost confidence. In a survey conducted by Bustle, women reported that nipple piercings “make [them] feel sexy and powerful,” which enhances confidence, especially in the bedroom.

The Main Point

While there’s no proof or guarantee that nipple piercings will enhance sensitivity, they definitely have a confidence-boosting element to them. Regardless, it’s important to make sure that they are fully healed before inviting yourself or a partner to play with them.

Written by Jackie Rachel

Jackie Rachel

Jackie Rachel is a poet and Content Account Manager. She has been getting pierced for over 16 years, while taking the time to learn proper aftercare techniques from the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) members. Always enamored by the jewelry options that exist for body modifications, she one day hopes to assist clientele with picking out jewelry and styling ears.