Here Are 7 Jewelry Ideas That’ll Refresh Your Septum Piercing for 2022

Are you feeling boring having the same septum jewelry day in and day out? We get it—wearing the same piece can get stale after a while. That’s why picking out new jewelry can be such a fun and exciting time.

2022 saw the rise of facial piercings being more and more common, which is making them more and more universally accepted. What was once part of the counterculture or alternative scene has become mainstream.

In fact, this year the high-end designer line Balmain included models with real septum and lip piercings in its Fall/Winter fashion show.

Taking inspiration from Balmain, here are some jewelry ideas that will really take your septum piercing to the next level.

#1 Keep It Simple with a Titanium or Gold Clicker

Maybe you currently have a gorgeous clicker, like our 14kt gold particle prong CZ hinged segment ring. One idea is to replace the jewelry with something plainer for a change in aesthetic.

For example, something as simple as a titanium or gold PVD stainless steel segment hoop ring goes with universally everything you could ever wear. And, it’s a page straight out of Balmain’s book—the models all wore simple gold and silvers septum jewelry to complement their outfits.

Hinged Septum Hoop Ring

This style of jewelry looks stunning when combined with paired nostril piercings as well.

#2 Get a Unique Teardrop Shape

One type of jewelry that has gotten really popular for septum piercings is the teardrop-shaped clicker or segment ring. With the unique pointed end at the center, the jewelry really accentuates the nose.

This piece of jewelry can be something subtle, such as our teardrop hinged segment ring, or something more flashy, like our point teardrop white opalite titanium-hinged segment ring or rose gold PVD iota CZ hinged segment ring.

Teardrop Hinged Septum Rings

#3 Get Stacked Rings

Do you want the look of having more than one piece of septum jewelry in without actually stretching the size of your piercing up? That’s where a stacked ring septum clicker comes in.

Two that are total conversation starters are our stacked black and yellow and stacked black and white titanium hinged segment rings. You’ll have people asking,” how big is that hole?”

Additionally, the stacked rings are great if you want to have a boho vibe.

Stacked Septum Rings

#4 Stay on Trend with Pastel Rainbow Jewelry

If you have dyed hair (or even if you don’t), you may have noticed that rainbow pastel hair is trending in 2022. But why not incorporate pastel rainbow into other things, like your septum jewelry?

Whether you want to call it kawaii, cutesy, dainty, vibe-y, or just plain stylish, a piece like our rainbow PVD CZ flat disk captive ring is just irresistible these days. And, if you have dyed hair (especially pastel rainbow-colored hair), it helps make the colors pop.

5# Look Into Rugged Septum Jewelry

It’s 2022 and we’re learning people’s pronouns; we’ve begun to deconstruct the gender binary. Therefore, not just men can wear septum jewelry that might be considered a bit more masculine. [The same goes for the pastel rainbow jewelry above.]

Now, if you’re looking for septum jewelry that’s a bit more rugged and textured, you should consider our 16g black-linked stainless steel septum clicker. This piece would look great with some flannel in the Fall.

Rugged Septum Piercing Rings

Additionally, a polyhedral titanium hinged segment ring is a great piece if you’re looking to add some textural element to your face. This piece goes perfectly with a band shirt and jeans and is even reminiscent of the spikes on the old Hot Topic studded bracelets.

#6 Get Spooky: Septum Jewelry for Goths

Whether you’re a horror movie fan, a witchy babe, or just love the occult, we’ve got the perfect mix of spooky septum jewelry that’s perfect for anyone under the goth umbrella.

A great piece that goes with any item of black clothing is our black spider web-hinged segment ring. You can even just wear this piece throughout the Halloween season to stay festive.

Spiderweb Hinged Septum Clicker

Our black-plated tribal fan septum clicker has a beautiful, almost baroque gothic style to it. This would go great with any vampy-style outfit.

#7 Leather & Silver: Spiked Septum Jewelry

While the septum piercing in no way originated in the punk scene, it was a major staple of the style in the 80s. So, why not pay homage to that by selecting some totally punk rock spiked septum jewelry?

One piece that would go great with a leather jacket or vest is our barbed-hinged segment ring. It gives off Lady Gaga’s biker jacket in the “Telephone” music video vibes.

Barbed Hinged Septum Rings

A subtler way to go about a punk aesthetic is to go with something like our 14kt gold spiked circular barbell.

The Main Point

With such a wide variety of septum piercing jewelry, we’re sure you’ll find something that matches your exact style. Plus, why settle for just one when you can get more than one and switch out your jewelry to match your outfit per day (after your septum piercing has healed, of course)?

Written by Jackie Rachel

Jackie Rachel

Jackie Rachel is a poet and Content Account Manager. She has been getting pierced for over 16 years, while taking the time to learn proper aftercare techniques from the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) members. Always enamored by the jewelry options that exist for body modifications, she one day hopes to assist clientele with picking out jewelry and styling ears.