How to Care for Your Organic Plugs – Wood, Horn, Antler, Stone and Bone

Organic Plugs & Gauges

Organic jewelry that is jewelry made out of horn, bone, wood, stone, antler and etc – are great options for plug wearers that have reached their desired size. There are so many options out there of sun flower wooden plugs and horn septum rings, but how do you take care of these kinds of organic jewelry? You can’t autoclave it or just wash it under water!

Here’s how to take care of your organic jewelry, without depreciating the quality.

The First Step

The first step to cleaning any kind of piercing jewelry is to make sure your own hands and the site itself are properly cleaned using antibacterial fragrance free soap. Otherwise you’ll be adding bacteria to the organic plugs anyway!

Wooden Plug Care

Wooden plugs are prone to drying out. So after using a gentle cloth with water to remove any debris and dust, make sure to massage the wood with jojoba oil to make sure it doesn’t crack or dry out. Drying out and cracking is a death sentence for wooden jewelry. Then with the olive oil applied shine the wood using a soft dry cloth.

Over time wood will darken and especially when applying oil often.

Do not soak wood as it will swell.

Organic Wood Plugs / Gauges

Stone Plug Care

Stone plugs are easy to look after as they are generally resistant to water. Use a water and fragrant free antibacterial soap mixture to clean off and then dry well.

Stone Plugs Gauges

Bone Plug Care

Never soak bone plugs, but other than this bone is a simple material to take care of. Expect changes to the color of bone jewelry over time as this material will naturally turn yellow.

Polish your bone jewelry using a cloth – jojoba oil and tea tree are good to use as a polish. If they’re stained with something, dampen a cloth with a mixture of a gentle anti-bacterial soap with water and then gently wipe away. Make sure you dry it well afterwards!

Do not soak bone as it will swell.

Organic Bone Plugs

Horn Plug Care

Just as with bone, clean horn plugs with a mild fragrance free antibacterial soap mixed with water on a damp cloth. Polish with jojoba every few months to keep it looking beautiful!

Do not soak horn as it will swell.

Horn Ear Plugs

It really is that simple! In the end all you need is a little water, a fine soft cloth (usually one for cleaning glasses is perfect), and the right type of oil or fragrance free antibacterial soap. For some of our favorite organic plugs check out our selection in the store!

Do you have experience wearing organic plugs? Let us know all about it and your favourite types in a comment below!