5 Easy to Hide Piercings that Aren’t Boring!

Body Piercings Easy to Hide

Do you want an awesome piercing that will really add to your look, but don’t want to spend half your day wearing clear retainers to hide them? Don’t worry! Here are our suggestions for awesome piercings that you will want to show off, but can easily hide your piercings if you need to for work or school. 

Back of the Neck Dermal Piercings

Dermal piercings are great because they can be done on almost any place on the body. As long as there is skin, you can pierce it! The back of the neck is a great place to get a couple dermal piercings because you can easily hide it with clothing or longer hair and easily show it off!

Just be careful, because this is an extremely sensitive place to be pierced and dermal piercings often reject. But other than that, we’re in love with this look!

Frenulum Piercings

Frenulum piercings – including smiley piercings and frowny piercings - are still on the cusp of popularity in the piercing community. They are piercings that are attached to the webbing between the lips and the gums. But don’t let that description stop you from realising how cute and versatile they really can be!

These guys are easy to hide because they’re not commonly in sight anyway. Even a smiley piercing that is fit with a captive ring that hangs in front of the teeth can only usually be seen when you smile! And unless you spend your whole day frowning or growling at people they won’t see a frowny piercing either.

Septum Piercings

We are not going to get over how awesome septum piercings are and no amount of trendy people can tell us to! Septums are so awesome in lots of ways. They heal incredibly fast, are virtuously painless, are pierced through a place that you probably didn’t know existed before getting it pierced (the soft spot) and you just flip them up to hide them!

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Nipple Piercings

Nipple piercings along with any other piercing that is covered by clothing is essentially easy to hide. You just have to wear a t-shirt! But I think it’s worth mentioning because of its sudden burst into the limelight this year. Suddenly celebrities are wearing their nipple piercings loud and proud underneath mesh tops and chiffon blouses. Would you try this risqué trend?

Navel Piercings

Belly button piercings are easy to hide as long as your shirt is long enough. This spot has been a popular piercing for ages. Whats nice about belly piercings is you can choose to show it off when you go to beach or if you decide to wear a crop top for the day. Easy to hide and easy to show off depending on your mood

They’re almost too good, aren’t they? I wouldn’t want to hide any of these! What about you? Would you rock any of these piercings?