Introducing Charoite Stone Plugs

charoite Plugs

Charoite stone is an amazing and rare stone with a beautiful lavender to purple color. It also has areas of black and white coloring's that have unique textures and designs. It has a pearl sheen and looks amazing in all sizes of plugs. The patterns found in this stone are very unique and considered almost unnatural, because of their beauty. There are swirls, streaks, and feather-like patterns found in this stone. The stone is natural, which makes it even more miraculous in its purest form. It was originally discovered in Siberia, Russia in the 1940’s, but didn’t become a known stone until the late 1970’s. It is extremely rare and only found in this location.

Purple & Black Charoite Plugs

After months in production, Charoite stone plugs are now available in limited sizes / gauges on the website.They come 0 gauge (8mm), 5/8 (16mm), 3/4 (19mm), and 1 inch (25mm). The wearable area is 10mm with this style of plug. Double flare shaped. This precious stone is one of the most expensive stone plugs that we offer on the website. Price per pair is around $80 and up. Each plug design will be unique. We will do our best to ensure the sets are as close to a match as possible, since each piece is unique and hand-crafted. If you want to see the exact pattern that will be shipped, you can check with customer service and they will send you a picture of the actual set being sent. Charoite stone makes a statement all on its own. The unique style, colors, and textures will make this piece a conversation starter. Consider this for your next special occasion and prepare to impress.

1 Inch Natural Charoite Plugs