Top 5 Stone Plugs For People With Stretched Ears Over 1 Inch

Top 5 Stone Plugs Over 1 Inch

We have some beautiful, real stone plugs for people with stretched ears over 1 inch in our shop. Stone plugs over 1 inch aren’t as commonplace as the smaller sizes, and it can be difficult to track down the right size and type or color that you want.

Like anyone that grew up with a rock tumbler knows, polished stones are incredibly attractive and colorful. The mixed minerals in stone plugs create a look that can’t quite be matched by any other material. For those more in tune with the metaphysical aspects of life, stone plugs can be worn to harness the various healing properties and energies from the stones like an amulet.

Check out these top 5 stone plugs for people with stretched ears over 1 Inch.

Lapis Lazuli Stone Plugs

These brilliantly sapphire blue stone plugs are double flared and made from lapis lazuli, which was referred to as blue gold in ancient history. Lapus lazuli is said to promote total awareness, wisdom, and the ability to express yourself clearly.

Lapis Lazuli Stone Plugs

Rainbow Fluorite Stone Teardrop Plugs

If you want a little a bit of every color, then these stone teardrop plugs made from rainbow fluorite will appeal to you. In the light, they flash a full rainbow of colors. The teardrop shape is a fun change from the normally round plug. Rainbow fluorite is a stone for grounding and stabilizing your spiritual energy.

Rainbow Fluorite Teardrop Stone Plugs

Amazonite Stone Plugs

Amazonite is a green stone mottled with white that ranges from shades of mint to turquoise-green. These double-flared amazonite plugs are a captivating color.Amazonite is a calming, balancing stone that inspires truth and open-mindedness.

Amazonite Stone Plugs

Labradorite Stone Plugs

Known for its flashy colors, labradorite plugs give a stunning, clean look for everyday wear or for dressing up. These are double flared with a rounded (convex) face. Labradorite is a feldspar mineral that transmits strength and perseverance

Labradorite Stone Plugs

Coral Jasper Stone Plugs

These vividly pink stone plugs are a double flared coral jasper. Jasper is a speckled or spotted stone which is why these pink stone plugs are so ornately patterned. Jasper is a nurturing stone that grounds the wearer and gives protection. Stones with deep pink or magenta colorings work to neutralize disorder and promote acceptance.

Coral Jasper Plugs

Cleaning Your Stone Plugs

Real stone plugs are easy to keep clean and the only natural material that is not susceptible to water damage. Warm water, soap, and maybe a soft-bristled toothbrush are all you need to maintain your plugs. Occasional oiling can be helpful if they look dull or dry.

Despite being water safe, stone plugs over 1 inch are going to be heavy, so you still don’t want to wear them while showering, swimming, or during water-based activities! They could fall out and break or get lost.