Make A Statement with These 5 Conch Jewelry Styles

Earlobe piercings themselves might not scream “unique,” but there are several ear cartilage piercings that do. These types of piercings aren’t just unique, though. They’re beautiful additions to one’s sense of style.

Particularly, the conch is a popular cartilage piercing that is beautiful and versatile. It’s located in the middle of the deepest part of your inner ear cartilage. The placement means that there is a lot of cartilage to pierce through, which tends to make piercees hesitant. Rest assured, even though everyone’s pain tolerance varies, the conch piercing process is just like other cartilage piercing out there.

Because the conch piercing placement doesn’t vary that much from person to person, it can be exciting to find conch body jewelry that makes this piercing stand out even more.

In this blog, we’ll go over several styles of conch jewelry that can help you make a statement, no matter your vibe.

General Conch Considerations

Like every other piercing, it’s important to choose a reputable, professional piercer for your conch piercing. The location isn’t as intuitive as some others, so choosing a piercer who knows what they’re doing is important for the health and longevity of your piercing.

Your piercer will choose either a titanium stud or a hoop for your starting jewelry. Some piercers may choose a stud because they are generally easier to clean and to sleep on.

In general, your jewelry will be 16g, either a 10mm hoop or 6mm barbell. Depending on how big your ear is, your piercer might opt for a bigger hoop, up to 14 mm, or a longer barbell, up to 8mm. Once your conch is healed, you can start shopping for other jewelry styles.

Beaded Conch Piercing Stud

For Minimalists: A Gold Conch Hoop

When it comes to sifting through jewelry styles, you can never go wrong with a gold conch hoop. For the conch specifically, your starter jewelry will be silver. So, going for this 24kt gold PVD titanium captive ring (after your healing process is over) can be a fantastic way to switch things up, especially if your style leans toward minimalism.

Gold Conch Hoop

For Rockstars: A Studded Teardrop

If minimalism isn’t your thing, we get it. You want something that’s sharp and stylish; something that calls out your rockstar energy. That’s why we think this teardrop polyhedra titanium hinged segment ring is made for you. The ring comes down to a point, adorned with small spikes that catch the light just right. Its silver color is neutral, too, so it can match any assortment of jewelry you already have in your ear.

Teardrop Polyhedra Titanium Hinged Segment Ring

For Gemstone Goers: A Sparkly Stud

Some people can’t get enough of their gemstones, and to that we say: the more the merrier! What’s better than showing off your style with a little glitz and glamor? With this 16g beaded array clear CZ titanium threadless labret, your conch piercing won’t go unnoticed. Not to mention, its unique shape is big enough to see from inside your ear, but dainty enough that it doesn’t take over the entire piercing location.

16g Beaded Array Clear CZ Titanium Threadless Labret

For The Colorful: A Rainbow Ring

Color can be used to directly represent who we are, especially when they’re bright colors. So, why not take on a cheerful attitude with this rainbow opalite titanium hinged segment ring? Adorned with rainbow iridescent gems, this conch ring is a bold choice for even the most colorful of characters.

Rainbow Opalite Titanium Hinged Segment Ring

For Edgy Folks: A Chain Barbell

This conch barbell isn’t for the faint of heart. With the chains simulating the look of a gold conch hoop, the 24kt gold PVD double dangle chain threadless titanium barbell is truly a standout among our jewelry options! The dangling chains offer a free-flowing feel, while keeping the edgy vibe front-and-center.

24kt Gold Titanium Threadless Chained Barbells

Catching The Conch Vibe?

The conch piercing is one of the most unique and popular piercings out there. With a myriad of jewerly styles to choose from, Urban Body Jewelry has got you covered. If the conch isn’t for you, you can still check out our high-quality portfolio of piercing jewerly for all kinds of body piercings, from head to toe.