Make Your Eyebrow Highbrow with Gold Body Jewelry

What do you think about when someone is described as “highbrow”? Maybe they’re intellectual, maybe they’re sophisticated. Or maybe…they have a gold eyebrow piercing.

While an eyebrow piercing itself might not be considered highbrow, the jewelry you choose can most certainly be. Besides, to be “highbrow” means to be elite or of high culture and class. What better way to exemplify this adjective than with elegant gold body jewelry?

Even if you’re limiting yourself to gold, you still have a world of options in terms of jewelry styles. There are captive rings and curved barbells of every shape and style that are sure to give you the highbrow look we know you’ll rock.

In this blog, we’ll cover some history of gold’s popularity, along with 4 gold eyebrow jewelry options that you need to try in 2023.

What Is It About Gold?

You may not know why, but everyone gravitates to gold for one reason or another. From a popular commodity to fine jewelry, everyone knows that gold is an elite metal, whether it’s for money or elegance. But it isn’t all make-believe—there are historic reasons for its popularity.

Gold jewelry can be dated all the way back to 4000 BC. But what made it a popular choice in the first place? Because gold is a softer metal, it was easier to mine and subsequently shape into jewelry and decor. Additionally, gold doesn’t rust or tarnish, making it a clear choice for jewelry and decor that upperclass individuals wanted to stand the test of time.

Ancient Gold Jewelry

For these reasons, gold artifacts have been recovered all over the world, almost always signifying wealth and status.

And while these gold eyebrow jewelry options aren’t thousands of years old—and they weren’t dug up from the earth—we think they can still give you an iconic, highbrow style, without a doubt.

Classic Is Fantastic

When it comes to good taste, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. In fact, simple can be best when you’re choosing more highbrow jewelry. This 16G gold PVD titanium double CZ curved barbell should be your go-to choice for letting the gold speak for itself. With the gemstones on either end, you get a touch of bling without going overboard. And, titanium is the crème de la crème of piercing metals, making it not just a beautiful choice, but a safe one.

Gold Eyebrow Curved Barbell

Put a Ring On It

But what if you l-o-v-e going overboard…but you still want that highbrow vibe? We know you’ll love this 14 karat gold opalite edge hinged segment ring. Not only does the gold pop against the white opalite, but the ring is a more standout body jewelry option. It’s bold enough to catch eyes, but at the same time, it’s an extremely classy choice. Just ensure you’re using this jewelry on a healed piercing—rings are not for fresh eyebrow piercings!

14kt Gold Opalite Edge Hinged Segment Ring

Gold With a Twist

Lately, rose gold has been all the rage. And while this might make the most spirited gold lover clutch their proverbial pearls, hear us out. Rose gold has all the beauty of regular gold with a slight twinge of rosey-pink. Not only is it still highbrow, but it’s a bit more unique, especially for a face piercing like the eyebrow. That’s why we love this 16G rose gold PVD titanium curved barbell.

Rose Gold PVD Titanium Curved Barbell

Golden Teardrops

If you’re finding yourself in between the first two options, but you’re looking for something a bit sleeker and sexier, we got you. This 14kt gold teardrop CZ curved barbell has everything—lustrous gold, a glimmering CZ gem, and a seamless silhouette. It definitely makes a highbrow statement the classic teardrop-shaped stone. Not to mention, 14kt gold is typically biocompatible, so it’s great for sensitive skin. You can also chat about your options with a professional piercer if 14kt gold isn’t right for you!

14kt Gold Teardrop CZ Curved Barbell

Pierced eyebrow? Go highbrow

We hope you found gold eyebrow jewelry that you’d love to wear…and show off. Besides, such a highbrow choice deserves its time in the sun. But no matter what style or vibe you’re trying to achieve, know that Urban Body Jewelry has the portfolio of high-quality body jewelry you need. From head to toe, we have you covered with thousands of styles to choose from.