Navel Piercing Sizes, Styles, and Ideas

Navel Piercing - Sizes, Styles, and Ideas

This is a guide for navel rings. These are also called belly button rings in common terminology. Knowing about piercing sizes and terminology can make the piercing process much easier for you. The more you know, the better the experience will be for you during the piercing process.

Belly buttons are sized in terms of gauges and the common sized gauge for a belly button ring is a 14 gauge and the length is normally 3/8”. These sizes can vary and become thicker if that is the style that is desired. Any thinner of a diameter and the piercing may not stay in its place and may migrate out of the piercing hole.

Navel piercings have grown in their popularity and use. The standard navel ring is a non-dangle bottom ball curved barbell. The top can be a charm or can be a gem. This jewelry style is the most popular and sought after style because it is easy to wear and low maintenance. This piercing jewelry can be worn with anything without any real concern for snagging on clothing.

Another type of piercing is a top down piercing that has jewelry hanging from the top of the piercing instead of the bottom of the piercing. These pieces of jewelry have dangles and beads from the head of the piercing ball and nothing on the bottom but a ball or stud at the bottom of the jewelry.

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Another version is the dangle version that has a stud or ball at the top of the piercing and a dangle that hangs down from the bottom portion of the piercing. This can be a jewelry style that is very attractive, but also cumbersome if you are wearing clothing over the jewelry that can snag on the items.

Additionally there are different types of jewelry that go through the navel like a twist. This puts a unique spin on the types of jewelry selected for this location. Some will also use horizontal jewelry to make a new style for their abdominal region. There are even those that make several piercings around the navel to form a star shape.

More options are availavble for those with outie belly buttons to pierce the outie portion instead of the ring. This look can be quite cute with a barbell piece of jewelry. There are also navel piercings that can hook into belly chains to create a sexy look that shows a unique style.

Navel rings are an excellent way to draw attention to your abdominal area, which can be a sensual look for many. Deciding what styles you will use in this location is the hardest part of this venture. The pain threshold on a navel piercing is not that high in terms of piercings and it takes 3-6 months to fully heal. Do your research and find a reputable piercer that is ready to give you a bold new look with a beautiful piece of new jewelry.