7 Cute Belly Piercing Styles for Females

7 Cute Belly Button Piercing Styles For Females

Belly buttons are a very maternal marker on your body. This is where the mother connects and brings nutrients to the baby. Therefore, it is not surprising that this is seen as a sensual area of the body as well. Women use this piercing to draw attention to their abdomen and their cute figures. Runway models were the first to bring this piercing trend into popular culture. They adorned themselves with shiny and dangling navel piercings on the runway. This trend then became adopted by celebrities and the mainstream population. This trend was extremely hot during this time in the early 90’s and has not lost much steam since then.


This style usually has a curved barbell that has a dangling design hanging from the end that is inside the belly button. This Girl Belly Button Piercingsstyle is very feminine and a little more innocent. Most of the styles have dangling designs that are sparkly and cute. Reverse Dangle- This is a different kind of dangle because it dangles from the top piercing that is found above the navel, instead of the end that is in the navel. This is great for a unique take on dangling piercings. It is especially attractive on those that have a short torso below their belly button.


For those of us with outie belly buttons, consider the piercing that pierces through the belly button itself instead of the rim, since there isn’t enough room there. This piercing looks pretty cool with a barbell piercing. Spiral- This piercing is definitely a unique one for the wilder types. It is a long barbell and in the middle of your belly button, there is a spiral piece of jewelry that is wrapped around the barbell. This looks pretty cool and exciting and gives you that unique edge.


There is another unique trend of piercing two barbells that overlap, one vertical and the other horizontal, so the piercing looks like a cross. This is a neat idea and can be very attractive with the right belly button shape.


Others pierce around the body to give a design, with the belly button being the central circle that the other dermal piercings will surround. Some will do a piercing that looks like a flower or a spiral. Whatever style you desire can be done in this area, just make sure the dermals are not around your waist where they will rub on your pants.

Belly ring

This is the traditional piercing where you pierce with a ring. There are even some rings that look just like a wedding ring that can be pierced through the top lip of the navel area. They look pretty neat and some even have a dangle below.

Navel piercings are a great incentive to work on your abs, so you can be comfortable showing your navel piercings off. These piercings are sensual and very feminine. Take a moment to find your style and get that perfect piece of jewelry for your new look.