Single or Double Flare Plugs?

Single Flare Or Double Flare Plugs?

If you are in the piercing world and interested in stretched ears, then it may be good for you to know the difference between a single and double flare plug. Or how about starting with what a plug is? A plug is a cylindrical piece of jewelry that is used to fill a stretched piercing, most commonly an ear piercing. It can be made of a variety of materials and comes in a variety of styles as well.

A single flared plug has a flared end, like a lip, that usually faces towards the front of the piercing. This flared side is what keeps the jewelry on and in place. The other side is standard and stays on with an o-ring. This type of plug makes it look as if the hole is actually larger than it is. Due to the o-ring, this type of plug has less styles and materials available than the double flared plug. Single-flared plugs have a groove in the plug to hold the o-ring in place.

A double flared plug has a flared end on both sides of the cylindrical piece of jewelry. This piercing requires the hole to be big enough for the flare to fit through, which is usually larger than your gauge size.

Single Flare Or Double Flare Plugs / Gauges?

So, now that you know the difference, what type of flare plug should you be wearing? Well, if your ears are still being stretched and healing, then you should not really consider a flared plug at all. A double flared plug is only for healed stretched ears. Do not force the plug to fit in the piercing if it won’t. A single flare plug is for the less conservative person that does not want to stretch their ears past the current size they are on or for those that are considering going larger but want to ease in. Single flare plugs are lost more easily due to the o-ring backing that may come off and cause the plug to be lost.

Regardless of the plug you choose, it is important that you have some lubricant oils (like jojoba oil) or a hot shower prior to switching out any jewelry to loosen up the piercing and allow for an easy switch out. Great materials to use in your flare plugs are glass, titanium, stainless steel, stone, and even wood. And remember, double flared plugs have many more materials available due to the lack of an o-ring. So, spend some time browsing and find the perfect plug to fit your lifestyle and your passion for piercings.

Flared plugs can be an exciting new way to show off your style and keep your stretched look intact. The various materials and patterns used in plug jewelry is vast and varied. The jewelry selection is also fairly affordable and interesting. Most plugs cost around $10-20 for the pair, unless you are going for something exotic. We have plugs in all shapes and sizes available in the plug section on the website: