Types of Nose Body Jewelry

Nose Body Jewelry Styles

Nose piercings can be an exciting new adventure in your future. As you are deciding where to select your piercing, you also need to determine what type of jewelry you are wanting as well. So, let’s go over some of the differences in options for your nose piercing jewelry.

Nose Rings - Rings are a great option for the nose area. Whether you select the nostril or the septum, it is a great look that can also be hidden in professional environments. Captive bead rings are usually the option for this location. Bar closure rings are also used in this location, where the bar is lifted to allow for insertion in the nostril. These can be 18 or 20 gauge in diameter.

Nose Screws - Twist screws are a common piercing for the nostril. One end looks like stud and the other end fits snugly against the skin in a ring, curved-like fashion. This piercing jewelry is very comfortable and thought to be one of the best piercings for the nostril. It is also one of the more secure, in regards to possibly falling out of the piercing location. These piercings can be bent to custom fit into the nostril. They are usually 18 gauge in diameter.

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Nose Studs - Labret studs are an option for nostril piercings as well. They are flat-backed on one side and a stud on the decorative surface. They can be tricky to insert, since they are put on from the backside. Due to their flat-disc backing, they are a great option if you have multiple piercings on one side of the nose. They usually start at around 18 gauge in diameter.

Nose Bones - This piercing looks like a stud on one side and has a slightly larger ball end on the other side of the piercing. It can fit through the piercing, but is large enough on the back end to stay put in the piercing location and not fall out. The nose bone will protrude further in the nostril over a nose screw. Nose bones should only be used for healed piercings and not for initial piercings. They are very easy to pop in and out of place for an easy change of decoration. These are usually 18 gauge in diameter.

Once you have selected the style of nose jewelry, you will then need to select the decoration that fits your personality. Some will go with the gemstones as others will go with a metal shape on one end of the piercing. Some of these jewelry selections come with glow in the dark options or even initials. There are plenty of ways to personalize your jewelry and your look. The hardest part will be selecting the piece of jewelry that speaks to you, but luckily piercing jewelry has become reasonably priced and you can purchase a couple to change up your style. Piercings in this location range from $20-$40.