Six Utterly Charming Ideas to Upgrade the Look of Your Piercing

When you think of piercings, the piece of jewelry you probably think of first is a ring. The stainless-steel hoop is a tried-and-true staple in body piercing; from captive bead rings to seamless and hinged rings, this versatile jewelry works well in earlobe, lip, and cartilage piercings.

If you’re tired of your plain rings and want to further adorn your healed piercings, adding a charm is an easy upgrade. From chains to crosses to drip beads, from opalite to 14-karat gold, we have charms in a variety of styles and materials to help you express yourself and your interests.

Charms aren’t just for rings, though. Our charms also include chains, which allow you to connect two labret studs or a stud and a ring for a look that’s both classic and of-the-moment.


If sparkle is your thing, update your plain rings with a variety of jewels. Cubic zirconia offers the look of diamonds at a lower price point, so you can stock up on various shapes and sizes of charms for all occasions. Ours are set in titanium and 14-karat gold, allowing you to match the setting to the color of the ring.

Try adding a drip-bead or beaded-array charm to a lobe or cartilage piercing for a special occasion, or just for daily wear. These charms feature clusters of solid-metal beads in addition to jewels. They’re attached to an O-ring at the top; slide your hoop through the O-ring and let these charms dangle from your lobe, cartilage, tragus, or septum piercing.


We offer connector chains, dual box chains, and dual curb chains for a range of looks. Wear a box chain with both ends dangling loose or connect two piercings with a connector or curb chain featuring O-rings on both ends.

To ensure ample room for the connector or curb chain without putting too much tension on the piercings, we offer 14-karat gold chains in a variety of lengths. One popular way to wear chains these days is across the nose, connecting two nostril piercings by hooking the O-rings to nostril screws or mini disk labrets.

14-karat gold chains

Chains also allow you to connect an ear cartilage piercing to a lobe piercing, with the chain draping down the side of your ear. Connect the chains to hoops or to labret studs; when you use labret studs, you can slip the O-rings onto the back or front of the jewelry for different looks. For a bit of color and sparkle, try our red CZ prong labret studs.


If you’re into birds, bees, or your pet python, express your love with our feather, bee, or snake charms. Choose from black, silver, and gold PVD titanium or 14-karat gold in a variety of styles, from unadorned to CZ-studded. Bee fans can choose from both simple bees and honeycomb dangle charms; choose a shorter or longer charm according to your taste. Another classic option is a butterfly charm; ours is 14-karat gold and studded with CZ for extra sparkle and shine.

Gold Butterfly Charm

Last but not least, dog lovers can show their devotion to their furry friends with our 14-karat gold, dog-bone charm. Show your love for man’s (or woman’s) best friend with a charm that’s sure to strike up conversation at the local dog park. You never know what cute, single dog lover will comment on your jewelry!


Get into the holiday spirit with a 14-karat gold skeleton charm or CZ-eyed skull for Halloween, or choose from a variety of crosses for Christmas and Easter. If you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, a four-leaf-clover charm may bring good luck, or at least keep you from getting pinched (when combined with a green shirt, of course).

14kt Gold Skeleton Charm

Maybe Pride is more your thing; if so, try our 14-karat rainbow charms with colorful cubic zirconia. Choose from a blade shape, single-ring arc or a dangle arc with an O-ring. Try putting one in a cartilage piercing and another on a hoop in your lobe for a full-on Pride parade in your ears!

Appropriate Hoop Rings for Charms

If you need a new hoop to wear with your charm, we offer 14-karat gold, ASTM f136 titanium and 316L stainless-steel seamless and hinged rings. Seamless rings have a very small opening and are inserted by pushing one side of the jewelry forward and pulling one side back, sliding one end of the ring into the piercing, and pushing the sides back together.

Ear Piercings with Charms

Hinged rings, on the other hand, feature an attached segment that flips up and presses closed from the top after inserting it into your piercing. Both hinged and seamless rings come in a variety of sizes; which one you choose depends on the look you’re going for and the style most suitable for your piercing. If you’re unsure what size to choose, your piercer can advise you. Always look for a piercer certified by the Association of Professional Piercers for best advice.

The Main Point

After your cartilage or lobe piercing is fully healed, adding a charm helps you update the look of your jewelry, accessorize your outfit, and express your interests. Whether you love animals, Star Wars, cannabis, religious iconography, or just a bit of sparkle, we’ve got a wide variety of charms to choose from. Titanium, stainless steel, and 14-karat-gold options for both rings and charms allow you to choose the colors and shapes you like best. Keep a range of charms on hand to ensure you’re always ready for holidays and special occasions, or just make yourself happy on an otherwise-average day. Life is never too boring for a little bling!