A Roundup of Our Favorite Philtrum Jewelry Styles

If there’s one thing we love, it’s when people start venturing out into the great beyond of piercing possibilities. Over the years, facial piercings specifically have become all the rage, and the pandemic only added to the excitement around self-expression.

One of these piercings in particular is the philtrum (or medusa). The philtrum is the vertical groove between the bottom of your nose and the top of your upper lip. The piercing location can sit snugly against your lip or right in the middle of your cupid’s bow--it’s piercee’s choice.

Medusa Piercing

Because it’s front and center, this piercing boasts the perfect opportunity to show your own personal flare with a fun, eye-catching labret. This blog will outline 7 of our absolute favorite philtrum jewelry styles to fit any face and vibe.

Gem Stones

While this style is a bit simplistic, we think adding a beautiful, green aventurine stone is a winner. The perfectly circular shape of this 18G titanium threadless labret + aventurine stone top is the perfect fit on any philtrum, calling subtle attention to the beautiful piercing placement.

Aventurine Stone Philtrum

And, if you’re into crystals and metaphysical energies, aventurine is said to spark optimism, prosperity, and open-mindedness. What better way to carry the good vibes with you?

Tremendous Triangles

Triangles have been “in” lately because they symbolize strength and unity. In times like 2023, we could use a little bit more of that. This gold PVD triangle clear CZ titanium internally threaded labret is great if you enjoy some shine. And, it can be worn with the triangle pointing up or down, giving you different options day after day.

Gold Triangle Labret

Bumbly Bee

We love this gold PVD bee titanium internally threaded labret for an insect lover who’s looking to call attention to their interests in a unique way. It’s simple, charming, and packs the right amount of shine without being too blingy. Besides, we know how important bees are…why not rock them as part of your everyday jewelry wear?

Bumbly Bee Labret

Floral Philtrum

Spring is definitely in the air (yeah, it’s only February), so one of our go-to philtrum labrets is anything floral. In particular, this gorgeous 16G opalite flower top titanium labret is a stunning addition to your jewelry collection. Featuring seven synthetic opalite gems in a distinct, floral pattern, this labret is internally threaded and uses ASTM F-136 titanium.

Opal Flower Philtrum

Beautiful Blooms 

Speaking of spring, this stunning red CZ tri sepal titanium threadless labret takes the shape of a blooming flower. As seen in the name, a “sepal” is the outer, green part of a blooming flower, which is the shape this labret takes. Coupled with its deep red color, this piece would be beautiful sitting on any cupid’s bow.

Red Petal Titanium Threadless


We love this kite clear CZ titanium internally threaded labret because not only does it embrace a simple, geometric shape, but it fits perfectly where the philtrum is placed above the upper lip. And like the triangle, this sparkling labret can be worn pointing up or down for different style options. It’s a great choice for those who want the best of both worlds: simple and stylish.

Oh, Those Opalites

This labret is the perfect addition to your body jewelry collection if you love some shine and a pop of color. Together, we think that’s a match made in heaven. This 16G blue opal bezel set titanium labret features a true-blue synthetic opal gem, providing a beautiful, iridescent pop against any skin tone.

The Bottom Line

The philtrum piercing is one of our favorites and we think any of these alluring labrets will highlight this unique, sensual part of the face. And whether your new (or next) piercing is a philtrum or not, you can always rely on the high-quality, trendy jewelry offerings at Urban Body Jewelry.