The Art of Nipple Piercing

There are many locations on the body that can be pierced and many reasons to consider piercing those areas. What you need to know prior to piercing is what type of jewelry you are looking for and the size of the gauge for the location of the piercing you are looking for. Different jewelry has different meaning for the individual wearing the jewelry.

Nipple Jewelry


The history of nipple piercing goes back to the Native Americans, which showed their strength. It had a revival in the 1800’s with the Victorian period. This display was shown to entice men and show that they are moving against the grain of society. This was extremely sensual and exciting in a period of time where women were trying to exert their power. This piercing gave women a sense of strength in power in a time where they were considered second class citizens.


One of the reasons behind piercing of the nipple has to do with heightened arousal and sensation after the piercing is in Nipple Piercingplace. The piercings are sensual and the slight rubbing of the ring or bar on clothing can trigger a sense of arousal that is pleasant and even exciting. Men and women are both interested in this arousal and therefore are drawn to piercings in this area. The nipple piercing is an expression of sensuality and exhibition. Many people that have these piercings want them to be seen to cause arousal in others. They are very stimulating and considered sexy.

Types of Piercings

The nipple can be pierced in a variety of ways, but usually horizontally and sometimes vertically. There are rings, barbells, horseshoe rings, and nipple shields as commonly used jewelry in nipple piercings. Nipple shields encircle the nipple and tend to hide the nipple a little. Rings are great for this area, but can be hazardous with certain clothing, so it may be more for decorative use than every day wear. Barbells are very easy to wear on a daily basis and they have better ball closures that can withstand heavy exercise and physical contact. The gauge size is usually a 14G or 16G in size for this area.

After Care

The healing process for nipple piercings are approximately 6-10 weeks in length. The area should be washed with soap Black X Nipple Shield Ringand soaked in Epsom salts to keep the area clean. Make sure to avoid strenuous exercise and events in the ocean or lake while healing, otherwise infection could set in and cause problems. Also, make sure to replace the jewelry if taken out, because the piercing can close up fairly quickly. Take care of your piercing and rest assured it will heal properly and still leave the nipple usable for breast feeding if wanted in the future.

Nipple piercings can be a great addition to your piercing locations. It is a piercing that can be worn discreetly and only shown to those that you are intimately involved with. The location of this piercing can increase and heighten arousal levels and provide wonderful sensations. Considering this piercing can create a positive change in your life.