The Tongue Piercing

Tongue Piercing Information

If deciding a tongue piercing is what you desire, there are several things you should consider before piercing. This type of piercing is often selected to be edgy with the ability to conceal if necessary. It is also a piece of jewelry that can be used for sensual purposes as well.

People who have oral fixations should try tongue piercings as an alternative to smoking, eating, and all other things involving the mouth. Just ensure you select an acrylic piece of jewelry to avoid cracking your teeth by playing with your jewelry. There are several types of tongue piercings to be obtained. There are the traditional vertical piercings with a straight barbell. Most piercers will avoid the frenulum, which divides the underside of your tongue. They will also want to center the piercing in the middle of your tongue to ensure that the piercing has room and doesn’t irritate the sides of your mouth or your teeth. Most piercers will use a double-sided barbell and acrylic can be used to protect the teeth from becoming cracked.

Another type of piercing is the horizontal piercing, which is placed from side-to-side in the tongue. This piercing needs to be placed properly, or it can interfere with your teeth and it can migrate and cause problems with your tongue. Bioflex material Horizontal Tongue Piercingis best used in this type of piercing and location in the form of a straight barbell.

Venom piercings are double vertical piercings and web piercings are a piercing through the frenulum under the tongue. Web piercings are usually done captive bead ring and the venom piercings are usually straight barbells as in the traditional piercings. When selecting a piercer, it is imperative that you select one that is well-versed in tongue piercings. Some areas are rich in nerves and blood vessels, so you don’t want to risk losing a sense of taste or bleeding excessively. Visit the shop and ensure it performs clean piercings that are sterile and that their staff is highly trained.

The price of standard tongue piercings vary depending on your geographical location, but the standard rates are between and $35-$65. Don’t skimp and try and get a deal because you may end up getting a damaging piercing.

The traditional tongue rings are 12-14 gauge in size, but some have been known to stretch their piercings up to a 0 gauge. Sometimes the top ball of your barbell may be too small and sink into your piercing hole, so consider a larger sized top ball to avoid this problem. The healing time for tongue rings is about 4-6 weeks in length. Aftercare involves eating soft foods, rinsing with saline solution to ensure the piercing is clean, and avoiding touching of the jewelry. Taking care of your person can ensure that you don’t get an infection.

Infections can cause swelling, red streak lines, fever, and pus coming from the piercing site. If any of these reactions occur, make an appointment with your family doctor to ensure the infection is taken care of and doesn’t spread.

Research the tongue piercing you are interested in, find the appropriate jewelry, select the piercer, and ensure you follow after care procedures and you should have a successful tongue ring of your very own.