Top Five Piercings that Heal in No Time!

Piercings That Heal Fast

In a perfect world we’d be able to go around rocking brass jewelry and not dealing with the pain of a healing piercing. While this isn’t a perfect world, if you’re looking for a piercing that won’t have you committing to twelve months of pain with sea salt soaks everyday here are our top five fastest healing piercings!

Septum Piercings

The septum takes from 1 to 3 months to heal.

It’s no secret that we love septum piercings! When piercing the septum you’re piercing such a thin piece of skin you’ll hardly notice it.

Oral Piercings – Especially the Tongue & Webbing!

The tongue takes from 3 to 4 weeks to heal, the lip 2 to 3 months and the tongue webbing 8-10 weeks.

Oral piercings from the tongue, the webbing underneath the tongue and behind the lips, and even the lips themselves are some of the fastest healing parts of our bodies! The mouth comes into contact with lots of bacteria through eating that it is part of body’s defense to heal it quickly.

Eyebrow Piercings

The eyebrow takes from 6 to 8 weeks to heal.

This is an interesting one as the eyebrow is technically a surface piercing, which is in our top five longest healing piercings! But while other surface piercing may take from 6 months to a year to heal, the eyebrow takes mere weeks.

Earlobe Piercings

The earlobe takes from 4 to 8 weeks to heal.

I mean, they’ve got to be the most common piercing for some reason!

Always be careful to steer clear from mall stores offering cheap (and often nasty) ear piercings. If you end up with trauma from a piercing gun or an infection the healing time will take a lot longer.

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Genital Piercings

Genital piercings take anywhere from four weeks to heal to nine months depending on the position of the piercing.

On average, female genital piercings take less time to heal than male genital piercings. 

The fastest healing are the inner labia (4-6 weeks), clitoris and/or hood (4-6 weeks), fourchette (6-8 weeks) and the Princess Albertina (4-6 weeks).

The longest are the outer labia (3-6 months) and Christina (6-9 months).

For men the fastest healing genital piercings are the Price Albert (6-8 weeks), Frenum (6-8 weeks), Scrotum (6-8 weeks), Guiche (8-10 weeks), dydoe (8-12 weeks) and foreskin (8-10 weeks) while the reverse Prince Albert (4- 6 months) and Ampallang/Apadravya (4-8 months) take the longest. 

It’s easy to see that if I separate each genital piercing into their own category, they would take up all five slots for the faster healing piercings! 

These healing times are only suggestions. Real life isn’t quite so simple and actually might be wildly different depending on your body’s own healing process. For example, dermal implants have more of a chance of getting caught on clothing and the irritation might make them take longer than the maximum suggested healing time of 3 months to heal.

There you go! Were you surprised by any of these? Let us know if any of these suggested healing time periods have held true for your piercings. 

DISCLAIMER: This article is intended to let you know the basics of some piercing healing times. If you’re having real trouble with your piercing or even if you’re getting one for the first time always follow up with your piercer and ask as many clarifying questions as you can! It’s always important to speak to a professional, qualified expert before getting pierced.