Tribal Body Jewelry Trends 2017

Organic Tribal Jewelry Rings Plugs

We love the tribal piercing jewelry trend! From stretched ears with pretty metal weights, bone septum jewelry or some simple tribal designs in your ears, there are so many options for how to rock it. There’s something for everyone!

Septum, the Lips and Stretched Ears Have Tribal Influences to Start

When it comes to some piercings like the septum, the lip and the ears, historically they already have tribal influences. The septum for example is a piercing that effortlessly oozes the tribal look even with just a silver septum clicker in place! It stems back from when warriors would stretch their septum to fit a tusk or horn in order to look intimidating to their opponents. How cool is that?

But don’t be dismayed! The tribal trend is for everyone. These places are just easier tribal influences that can be toned down and at the same time not entirely lose the look.

Brass Metals, Worn Silver and Rose-Gold Piercing Jewelry

An easy way to take any piercing to a tribal place is to opt for a metal with a different color variance. Brass metals are cheap and cast off a beautiful old-time look! Mix it with some opalite stones and you’ve got a look that will transform you into tribal goddess.

Geometric Shapes & Tribal Tattoo Influences

A major influence to tribal piercing jewelry trends are the geometric shapes in the style of tribal tattoos. You know, like those arm band tattoos in simplistic geometric designs? They don’t always have to be so simple. Some tribal patterns are absolutely gorgeous and detailed!

Plugs, belly piercings and septum’s have gotten a new look with lots of tribal versions of flowers, hearts, leaves and wings! Check out this tribal heart septum clicker to see exactly what I mean.

Organic Piercing Jewelry

Bone and Organic Jewelry Adds Intensity

If you’re really in love with the tribal look, take those geometric and lotus shapes to the next level by wearing them in bone and organic materials. Now, if you’re not comfortable with bone, don’t be dismayed! Wood and stone give off an easy tribal style and are surprisingly easy to look after

Check out these wooden plugs, for example, with a floral brass inlay. They really are taking tribal to the next level, don’t you think?

There are a Plethora of Styles for Stretched Ears!

 Stretched ears have so many options that make the rest of us utterly jealous! What with the increasing obsession with ear weights and ornate ear hangers in natural tribal designs.

Which one suits your style best? Are you as obsessed with the tribal piercing jewelry trend as we are? Let us know all about it!