Trending Belly Button Jewelry for Bikini Season

2019 Summer Belly Rings

It is almost time to sit and shine in the sun during the spring and summer months. Show off your piercing and your personality with these unique belly button rings. These are some of the hottest trending belly button rings this season!

Blue Flower Belly Button Ring

Floral is perfect for spring and summer and the blue and teal colors in this piece are perfect when you need a reminder of the ocean waves. This perfect little daisy is sure to bring a smile to your face and accent any bathing suit.

Hanging Cat Face Opalite Belly Button Ring

It’s time to bring out your inner tiger with this tiger drop belly button ring. Not only does this piece scream fierce but it is going to shine when the sun hits those beautiful opals. Iridescent opals will sparkle against those warm rays of sun. There is no doubt that you will stand out amongst the crowd with this tiger.

Antique CZ Belly Button Ring

This is perfect for when you need a simple but sophisticated look. The oval gem sits on the belly button with a dark antique filigree surrounding it. This piece will give you a sense of edge, a darker side of the sun. Lift your head high and slay while wearing this piece!

Triple Clear CZ Dangle Belly Button Ring

Need a touch of elegance? Add this triple clear CZ dangle to your attire. This gives you something to stand out with and it works with any bikini body. These CZ’s are going to shine as soon as the sun hits them. The simplicity of this piece is going to work with any two-piece bathing suit and accentuate your look.

Summer Swimsuit Belly Rings

Mandala Belly Button Ring

Mandala’s are one of the hottest artistic trends right now. The mandala is the symbol of a dream and the search of completeness. Jump on this journey of dreams with the intricate filigree in the drop-down mandala.

Purple CZ Clam & Pearl Belly Button Ring

Jump out of the ocean water with this sparkling blue and purple clam, showcasing the perfect Swarovski pearl. There is no question that you will be the brightest pearl on the beach with this piece. You don’t have to go clam diving to achieve perfection, this purple drop-down belly button ring is going to make sure eyes are on you!

Floret Shield with Green Opal Inlay Belly Ring

Take a trip back to the Victorian era with this brass filigree piece. In the middle of its beautiful circular swirls is a green opal. As the light starts to shine the opal gives off a multicolored look. This piece is not only comfortable, but it is right in line with this season’s trends!

Pink Crystal Hanging Belly Button Ring

This piece speaks perfection! Go out with confidence with this pink hanging stone. This piece is bright, hotter than the sun and ready to be shown off. Everyone is going to notice the crystal stone jewelry and the pop of color. This is fierce!

Stunning Four Purple Gem Stone Steel Belly Button

Need to feel like you are a descendent of royalty? This purple stone belly button ring is sure to do that, there’s nothing more royal then purple! Not only are you going to feel like royalty you will look like royalty with the drop-down gems on the top of the navel. Go against the traditional belly button ring and try something new with this beauty.