What is a Corset Piercing?

Corset Piercing

A corset piercing is just a chain of surface piercings in at least two or more rows, laced together using a ribbon, chain or anther material that can be looped through a ring. It does not have to be in the shape of corset lacing as the name suggests, but is commonly so. This piercing can be done almost anywhere a surface piercing can be done, as long as there is enough space for the desired design.

Corset piercings are typically not a permanent piercing! Due to the strain that can be caused by consistently pulling on the skin by any threaded ribbon. Actually, ribbons should not be worn in a healing corset piercing at all! The pulling of the ribbons may put pressure or tension on a piercing that may cause it to migrate and not heal correctly.

These piercings are prominently aesthetic temporary piercings or for performance art.

Corset Placement

As well as the number of piercings, style of corset design and amount of rows in order to create a diverse style of corset piercings, the placement is just as versatile. Not only can you place it anywhere a surface piercing can be done, but you can also lace two body parts together or two entirely different humans.

Corset Piercing Price

Corset piercing is an expensive procedure. Depending on the piercing studio and the length of the desired corset shape, it can range anywhere from $100 to $500.

When getting a corset piercing, don’t sacrifice experience for price. These piercings are tricky to heal and need a practiced hand.

Corset Piercing Pain

Due to the corset piercing including multiple piercings happening in the same sitting, even with a high pain tolerance, this is a painful piercing to get. Make sure you decide on how many piercings you want before sitting in the chair, and don’t be afraid to opt out if you feel sickness or faint!

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How is a Corset Piercing Done?

For more permanent styles of corset piercing a hollowed needle is used and a ball closure ring is inserted into the piercing. Sometimes what is called a slave barbell that looks more like a door knocker, with rings at both ends is used as it allows the pressure to sit on the surface bar rather than the skin.

For “play piercings” for photoshoot or fetish events, where the piercing may only be in for a couple hours or a day, hypothermic needles are often used and are kept in the skin for the duration of the event. These lead to the most minimal amount of scaring.

Healing a Corset Piercing

Healing a corset piercing is pretty rare. Some are done as temporary piercings, while many reject or migrate. Whether your piercing is temporary for an event or intended to be permanent, keep in mind that it is an open wound and needs to be treated as such. Keep the piercing clean of bacteria and alcohol.

Otherwise healing is much the same for a corset piercing as any other. Although, the duration of healing and the delicate nature of the piercing is much greater.