14kt Gold Skull CZ Charm


Sold individually (1pc)
14kt nickel-free yellow gold
O-ring size: 0.8mm (thick) x 2mm (inner diameter) x 3.6mm (outer diameter)
Charm size: 6.25mm x 3.8mm

Clear CZ gems

Jewelry cartilage charm shaped like a skull with clear cz gems for eyes. Made from 14kt nickel-free yellow gold. Match this charm with different size hoops and hinged segment clickers for a unique look! Small, versatile piece for a variety of piercings. Great for a curated ear look. O-ring size: 0.8mm (thick) x 2mm (inner diameter) x 3.6mm (outer diameter). Charm size is 6.25mm x 3.8mm. Sold individually (1pc).

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