Abalone Leaf Brass Ear Weights


Sold in pairs (2pc)
Must be at least 0G (8mm) to wear these
Weight: 13 grams each
Made from casted brass
Abalone shell
Measurements: 50mm x 34mm
Each piece will be unique in shape and size - measurements are approximate
Brass is not meant for long term wear
May oxidize under extreme moisture conditions
For healed piercings/lobes

Enhance your look with these handcrafted Abalone Leaf Brass hangers. Made from casted brass and filled with Abalone shell, each piece is unique. Sold in pairs (2pc), they weigh 13 grams each and must be at least 0G (8mm) to wear. Measurements are 52mm x 34mm, and brass is not meant for long term wear - may oxidize under extreme moisture conditions. For healed piercings/lobes.

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